Can You Wash Bamboo Pillows? [An Ultimate Guide]

Bamboo pillows are gradually becoming a new trend thanks to their great health benefits. However, cleaning and caring for it is not a simple task.

This natural and sustainable material has strict hygiene requirements. It begs the question: Can you wash bamboo pillows?

In fact, you can hand wash the cushions and machine wash the pillowcase on a gentle setting to keep the surface clean and prolong the life of the product.

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For a detailed washing process, let’s continue reading this article!

Can You Wash Bamboo Pillows?

Bamboo headrests
Bamboo headrests

The answer is yes. You can completely wash bamboo pillows by hand or in the washing machine. This cleaning process will vary from brand to brand.

A bamboo pillow is a product that uses a combination of fabric and bamboo wrapped with memory foam. This material is durable, soft, and has special benefits for your health.

Some manufacturers say the material is naturally resistant to dirt, odors, germs, and dust mites.

It would help if you had a specific schedule for cleaning your pillow. It can be washed alone or with several towels and clothes to balance the load of the washing machine.

However, the most useful advice is to follow the brand’s instructions for use.

Some brands will recommend that users only machine wash the cover and hand wash the foam. Meanwhile, some places encourage you to roll up the cushions and put them straight into the washing tub.

To learn more about using this natural cushion, watch the following video.

How To Wash Bamboo Pillows: Step-By-Step Instructions

Woman holding a pile of bedding for washing
Woman holding a pile of bedding for washing

Since natural cushions are fairly expensive, care for the product will require special provisions.

In most cases, you should follow the instructions and carefully read the label that the manufacturer attaches to the cushions.

The process of washing and drying bamboo cushions includes detailed steps as follows:

Wash The Pillowcase

The first step is quite simple. You need to remove the pillowcase from the inner lining and wash it in the washing machine.

Choose a gentle wash cycle and use warm water. Bamboo fabric is a rather demanding material. Cold or hot water can quickly damage it.

So, use only warm water and a gentle cleaning solution to ensure the durability of the pillowcase.

Dry The Pillowcase

After you’ve washed your pillowcase, it’s time to air dry it. However, one piece of advice is that you should not put it in the dryer.

Instead, you need to dry them in the air and dry areas. If you have a drying rack at home, hang a pillowcase.

This process will allow the fabric to dry naturally without damaging the texture of the material.

Hand-Wash The Pillow

Your natural cushion can have a layer of crumbly or solid memory foam. Its texture will determine which cleaning method is best for the product.

Usually, you should wash the pillow by hand because it won’t cause much damage to the material.

During cleaning, use your hand basin. If its size is not large enough to hold the product, you can take advantage of a tub.

A solution of warm water at 90-110 degrees F and three tablespoons of a gentle cleanser is the best choice for cushion cleansing. It also does not cause much harm to the skin of the hands.

Apply soap evenly on the surface and massage into the pillow a few times for the soap to penetrate inside. Think of it like a sponge during a massage.

Memory foam is very absorbent. So, please do not use too much soap or bleach as it can damage the fibers and reduce the product’s ability to absorb moisture.

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Dry The Foam

It is better to air dry them on a drying rack for cushions. Use a pillow drying rack to simplify this process.

Although sunlight has a very good sterilization ability, you should not leave them in the sunlight for too long. It may damage the foam.

If it’s overcast, you can dry the cushions indoors. Turn the sides back and forth frequently to dry evenly on both sides.

Be sure to let the cushions dry completely before using them. The accumulation of moisture is the main cause of mold harmful to health.


How Often Should You Wash Your Bamboo Headrests?

To keep your natural cushions clean and fresh, you need to wash them at least twice a year.

However, a too dirty pillow can cause serious dermatological conditions for those who have sensitive skin or are dealing with acne.

If you’re experiencing these issues, consider cleaning your cushions every three months.

You should also wash these natural products immediately if the surface dries out noticeably, regardless of the recommended time frame.

Can You Put Bamboo Headrests In The Washer And Dryer?

Of course, you can wash the bamboo pillow by hand or in the washing machine. Yet, it would help if you used a gentle spin cycle to avoid damaging the product.

The best cleanser for this natural product is warm water and a gentle cleanser. You must not use bleach.

Likewise, you can dry the cushions in the dryer on a low or gentle cycle. It will help inflate the pillow and return it to its original full shape.

Some pillows have memory foam and can deform if the impact is too strong.

Before cleaning the product, check the instructions again to select an effective method.


You can wash a bamboo pillow, but cleaning will require a little extra effort. Even so, the results are worth it.

This natural cushion is a great sleep solution for those with back pain, neck pain, or allergies. With these health benefits, a little hassle in care can be completely ignored.