7 Best Bamboo Straws: Most Eco-Friendly Straws Of 2022

Long gone are the days when people use plastic straws and throw them away once they are done with their drinks. Recently, more and more consumers have become acutely aware of single-use straws’ impact on the environment and gradually switch to more sustainable and eco-friendly products. This is when bamboo straws start to infiltrate the market.

If you are interested in getting one for yourself, be sure to read through our reviews on the best bamboo straws available. After learning about the ins and outs of this increasingly popular item, you can decide which one will suit your needs the most!

A Quick Preview

Buying Guide: What To Consider When Choosing A Bamboo Straw?

What is a bamboo straw?

Bamboo straws are made from bamboo stems, which act as a more sustainable alternative to traditional plastic straws.

Why should you use bamboo straws?

Firstly, bamboo straws are highly durable and can be used for a long time. Unlike plastic straws, bamboo straws can be washed and dried naturally after each use, and then they are perfectly available for the next use.

Secondly, bamboo straws are organic and decomposable, and they do not pose any threats to the Earth. A bamboo straw can replace hundreds of plastic straws, and when enough people decide to switch to this item, the damage coming from single-use plastic can be drastically reduced.

Thirdly, bamboo straws are completely harmless as there are no chemicals involved. The bamboo used to make the straws grows in nature and is harvested manually. Then each bamboo stem is chopped, rinsed, and finally dried under the sun until the bamboo straws are finalized.

Fourthly, bamboo straws are available for customization. Do you want to print your company’s logo on each straw and hand it out to the employees? Give it a go. Or do you want to give your friends a set of bamboo straws with their names on them? Absolutely possible. Several brands would help you modify the bamboo straws based on your preferences.

Last but not least, bamboo straws are a more convenient option than metal straws. Though both are sustainable products, metal straws are heat-conductive, which may burn your mouth and lips if you are not careful enough. Not to mention that bamboo is a lighter material than metal, so bamboo straws are much more child-friendly.

3 factors to consider before buying bamboo straws

  • Diameter: Some straws are designed for drinking water only, with a diameter of around 9mm. Vice versa, straws that are 12mm in width are more compatible with drinking milkshakes. And if you are a fan of bubble tea, make sure to buy a straw with a 2-mm diameter so that the bubble can slide through comfortably. Think beforehand about which kind of drinks you want to use a bamboo straw on, and do not make the mistake of buying something too small or too big.
  • Length: The typical bamboo straws would be around 8 inches long, but it is only the standard size. There are shorter straws designed for shallow cups or kids’ use, and longer straws for tall mugs. Have a look at all of your cups and ensure the bamboo straws fit nicely.
  • Brand: Multiple companies claim their products to be sustainable, but it is not always the case. Have a quick look at the Internet and see if the brand truly commits to a hazard-free, eco-friendly manufacturing process.

In-Depth Review Of  7 Best Bamboo Straws (Main Features, Pros & Cons)

1. Bambaw Bamboo Straws – Best Versatility

Bambaw Bamboo Straws
Bambaw Bamboo Straws – Source Amazon.com

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Carefully handcrafted in the beautiful island of Bali, the bamboo straws from Bambaw breathe freshness into your life with their amazing offer of 12 items in one package.

Made from natural bamboo with a slight-yellow coating, Bambaw bamboo straws give out an air of simplicity and elegance while at the same time being completely biodegrade and compostable. With the included brush and cotton bag, cleaning and storage have never been easier. Even better? You can choose two different sizes for your straws!


  • A variety of sizes.
  • 100% organic.


  • Wear and tear after a few months.

2. Ibambo Bamboo Straws – Best For Drinking Water

Ibambo Bamboo Strawsv
Ibambo Bamboo Straws image by Amazon.com

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Suppose you are looking for some standard bamboo straws with a narrow diameter to drink water. In that case, Ibambo bamboo straws will not let you down.

As the Ibambo straws are non-toxic and BPA-free, small kids with sensitive teeth and mouths can still make use of these excellent products. The added cleaning brush makes rinsing the bamboo after each usage a piece of cake, and do not forget the muted-green color that makes the straws stand out on the shelf!


  • Cardboard package.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Only suitable for drinking fluids with very fine texture.
  • Straws differ significantly in diameter.

3. ECO/EGO Bamboo Straws – Best For Social Responsibility

EGO Bamboo Straws
EGO Bamboo Straws


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Next up on the list of the best bamboo straws is the best-seller from ECO/EGO – an American family business that commits to social corporate responsibility besides earning money alone. 10% of all orders here will be donated to the rescue and preservation of sea turtles, so it is a great bonus apart from the products’ quality.

At the same time, ECO/EGO still manages to keep their straws at top-notch quality. Each package comes with 12 straws that are 8-inch in length and 0.75-inch in width, with a carrying bag and a cleaning brush for extra convenience. So you can get to enjoy the sustainable straws and help save the environment with just one purchase!


  • Clean and odorless.
  • Nicely packed.


  • Difficult to rinse properly.

4. BOFA ECO Straws – Best For Mass Use


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Apart from bamboo straws, paper straws are also a reliable option to replace single-use plastic. BOFA ECO provides 100 pieces of straws made from 3 ply premium Kraft paper at an affordable price, which are extremely suitable for big events, coffee shops, and restaurants. They are 7.75 inches long with a diameter of 0.24 inches. Basically, it is the universal size that will go with most drinkware.

While these paper straws are not reusable, each item can still last up to 2 to 3 hours before finally breaking down. So if you want a quick alternative to plastic straws, then BOFA ECO paper straws are the best!


  • Highly decorative.


  • Limited timespan.
  • Can only be used for drinks with fine texture.

5. Synergy Boonboo Bamboo Straws – Best For Drinking Smoothie

Synergy Boonboo Bamboo Straws
Synergy Boonboo Bamboo Straws

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Unlike other bamboo straws that are small and delicate, Synergy Boonboo straws pride themselves on the sturdy design with a 0.8-inch diameter and 8.2-inch length. So whether you want to drink a smoothie or other fluids with toppings, Synergy Boonboo can handle it all.

Furthermore, the straws are completely hazard-free. There is no chemical, ink, or dye, so you do not worry about side effects. Highly durable, recyclable, and body-safe, what else can we ask for?


  • Big in size.
  • BPA-free and non-toxic.


  • Chewable ends.

6. ALINK Straws – Best Appearance

ALINK Straws
ALINK Straws

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We highly recommend the biodegradable ALINK paper straws if you are looking for something functional and decorative to put in your cup. The print paper used to make these ALINK straws can quickly decompose after use, which is a much better option than plastic straws.

Furthermore, these straws come in 2 colors: light green and light yellow, with stripes across the bodies to mimic the look of a real bamboo stem. Not only do they offer a refreshing look for your drinkware, but they are also visually pleasing to place on cakes and other sweet treats.


  • Can be used for decorative purposes.
  • Eye-catching colors.


  • Limited lifespan.

7. Beetlemax Bamboo Straws – Best Portability

Beetlemax Bamboo Straws
Beetlemax Bamboo Straws

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Classic, sleek, and easy-to-clean are the three words that come to mind when describing the bamboo straws from Beetle max. Each set of Beetlemax straws includes 9 pieces, which slightly vary in lengths and widths due to their handmade manufacturing process. The average straw is 10.27-inch in length and 1.69-inch in width, so it is quite bigger than a standard straw.

And the best part? Beetlemax gives each purchase a travel case also made from bamboo so that you can carry 2-3 straws around effortlessly. Talking about being eco-friendly and looking chic at the same time!


  • Portable package.
  • Cleaning brush included.


  • Rough internal surface.

Pros And Cons Of Using Bamboo Straws

Just like everything else, bamboo straws come with multiple benefits and disadvantages on their own.


  • Environmentally friendly: Usually, bamboo straws are made of natural bamboo from scratch, which means they can decompose once tossed at the landfill and release no toxic chemicals into the area.
  • Reusable: With proper cleaning and storage, bamboo straws can last quite a long time. It spares consumers from the pain of buying new straws every time they want to enjoy their drinks.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Not only do plastic straws look cheap and boring, but they also ruin the overall vibe when put in a cup. On the other hand, bamboo straws exude elegance, simplicity and are just endearing to look at.
  • Lightweight: As far as reusable straws are concerned, bamboo straws are much lighter and easier to move around than metal straws.


  • Expensive: Since bamboo straws are to be used many times, the initial investment in this eco-friendly product will soon pay off. However, there is no denying that a set of bamboo straws are rather costly compared to their plastic counterparts.

How To Make Bamboo Straws

First off, bamboo trees at full maturity will be cut down and then chopped off into different chunks. At the farm, craftsmen will measure the appropriate size for each bamboo straw and then cut the bamboo stems into multiple smaller cylinder-shaped trunks.

Once the shaping is over, pressurized water will clean up any dirt that might get clogged up. Cleaned and ready for the next step, these straws are exposed directly to the sun for roughly a week to ensure they are naturally dried and colored. Ta-da, the bamboo straws are ready to be packed and sold!

How To Clean Bamboo Straws

After using a bamboo straw, rinse it under the running water. You might want to use a cleaning brush (which is usually included in the package) to scrub the inside of the straw and make sure nothing gets stuck. Feel free to add in a bit of soapy water in case your straws get greasy. Then let the bamboo straws dry up before putting them away for storage.

Once a month, use a mixture of boiling water and a teaspoon of vinegar to cleanse your straws. For extra smoothness and a longer lifespan, apply a thin layer of coconut oil across the surface. These steps are not compulsory, but they are beneficial to keep your straws last as long as possible.


Are bamboo straws reusable?

Yes, bamboo straws are reusable. In fact, it is the main reason why bamboo straws are soaring in popularity. Their organic material – bamboo – allows a high endurance level, so a bit of thorough cleaning and a well-ventilated storage place are enough to make sure bamboo straws can be used the next time around.

Are bamboo straws good?

In terms of sustainability, bamboo straws are among the best. Unlike plastic straws, they are recyclable and compostable while at the same time releasing no pollutants into the environment.

Can bamboo straws go in the dishwasher?

Bamboo straws are compatible with any dishwasher, just like other cutlery. If you are not fond of cleaning the bamboo straws by hand, feel free to let the dishwasher do its job.

However, one thing to remember is that straws need to be dry on their own in a well-ventilated area. So you need to turn off the dry function of the dishwasher and remove the cleaned straws after the washing is finished.

How long do bamboo straws last?

On average, a bamboo straw can last up to 6 months if used frequently. However, as bamboo is supposed to be reusable, you can always extend the straw’s lifespan by taking extra care of them. That is why we advise you to cleanse them with vinegar and hot water, as well as rub the straws with oil regularly.

Do bamboo straws get moldy?

If not cleaned and dried properly, mold can grow and thrive inside bamboo straws.


Bamboo straws might not be as convenient as plastic straws, but they are definitely the way to go for conscious consumers. Hopefully, our review of these 7 best bamboo straws has given you more insights into how to be eco-friendly with your purchases, sometimes with just an item as small as a straw.