Best Bamboo Sheets Review 2022 (TOP 10 CHOICES)

If you are looking for the best bamboo sheets for your bed, you’ve come to the right place.

As they are mostly made of green materials, the sheets are an ideal solution for a high-quality and eco-friendly replacement for your bed. In general, these products are soft, lightweight, and more breathable than traditional cotton beddings.

Let’s take a closer look into these 10 amazing products, along with our helpful buying guide.

A Quick Preview

Promising List Of The Top Best Bamboo Sheets 

LuxClub 6PC Bamboo Sets – Best Overall

LuxClub 6PC Bamboo Sets - Best Overall
LuxClub 6PC Bamboo Sets – Best Overall

Our winner today is the LuxClub 6PC bamboo sets. We appreciate this pick for its superior performance in various aspects at a competitive price compared to its rivals.

As you may know, this one, like all other bamboo sheets, is allergy-free to treat your skin kindly, thanks to the distinctive hypoallergenic fabric. Not to mention, there are no harmful color dyes used, so you can rest assured with its safety.

The best thing is, this breathable material is moisture-wicking, meaning that it absorbs all your sweat, regulates your body temperature, and pampers you with a cooling embrace. This sheet is what you need for a sound sleep every night.

What’s more, LuxClub perfects its product with the finest cotton with Egyptian technology, leaving you an incredible softness to immerse yourself in and a wrinkle-free sheet for easy wash and care.

However, we found that there was something wrong with the size. Though we did order the queen-size sheet, it didn’t fit our bed snugly. Anyway, the difference is not that much, so this item is still worth it.

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  • Safe to your skin
  • Affordable price
  • Moisture wicking, cooling feature
  • Super soft
  • Wrinkle-free, easy to care


  • Size not snugly fit

Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets Set Queen Grey – Deepest Pocket

Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets Set Queen Grey - Deepest Pocket
Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets Set Queen Grey – Deepest Pocket

The most highlighted trait of this product is its 16″ deep pocket, with a gripping all-around elastic band to hold them in place. If you own a thick mattress like a memory foam one, this sheet fits beautifully and saves time when making your bed since it’s easier to put the sheet on the mattress.

Bedsure’s products are 100% bamboo viscose material, derived directly from bamboo fiber with absolutely no additional components. Their products are toxic-free with a moisture-absorbing structure that is safe for sensitive skin and keeps you dry from sweating overnight.

The sheets come with deep pockets and luxurious bamboo textures that will bring you a sense of coziness that quickly brings you to sleep.

The product comes in sets with 12 colors for you to choose from. However, there is one queen size only. After a while of using it, the product may shrink a bit, so it should be washed with extra care.

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  • Deep pockets
  • Toxic-free
  • Moisture absorbing


  • Shrinkage
  • Available in one size only

Hotel Sheets Direct – Best For Hotel Quality

Hotel Sheets Direct - Best For Hotel Quality
Hotel Sheets Direct – Best For Hotel Quality

Thanks to the convenience in preserving, Hotel Sheets Direct beddings are an amazing choice for beddings at a large quantity in hotels and motels.

We can say that this sheet is a cross between cotton and silk, though made from bamboo, giving you a gentle and luxurious sense living up to 5-star hotel quality.

Specially designed for hotel and motel use, this product comes in various sizes and colors to match your suite’s theme. The bedsheets come with a set of 2 pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet for full furniture of your bedroom.

These sheets were made of anti-pilling material with a cooling texture for hot sleepers, which allows you to use them in summer without getting too hot. The bamboo texture is fitted with an elastic round, as they are thermoregulated to stay cool during summer and retain heat in winter.

As they are manufactured in large quantities, the color is not as great as other features. Moreover, the size is not as large as other beddings.

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  • 15” Deep pocket
  • Soft and silky
  • Cooling texture
  • Anti-pilling


  • Imbalanced coloring
  • Smaller size

Cosy House Collection – Best Breathable

Cosy House Collection - Best Breathable
Cosy House Collection – Best Breathable

When it comes to breathability, Cosy House Collection bed sheets take the crown. What sets its products apart is the bamboo content higher than most of its rivals. The materials are a perfect blend of micro-polyester and bamboo rayon, optimizing the breathability for you.

This product is a sheet set designed for your private use. The high-quality bamboo blended with light components brings about a sense of comfort and satisfaction. It would make an excellent choice for babies or those with sensitive skin.

Aside from the mentioned characteristics, this product is tightly knitted to ensure that the sheet stays at its place all night. You won’t have to wake up at midnight to adjust your sheets before going back to sleep. The product is breathable, as well as stain and wrinkle-resistant.

Remember not to wash this product with other clothes, or it may cause deterioration. It also tends to retain more heat, so it might not be ideal for summer use.

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  • Super breathable
  • Very soft
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Stay on all night


  • Retain heat
  • Should not be washed with other clothes

BAMPURE – The Pure Organic Bamboo Sheets

BAMPURE - The Pure Organic Bamboo Sheets
BAMPURE – The Pure Organic Bamboo Sheets

Another 100% bamboo content sheet for your selection. This product is made of pure organic bamboo fiber and viscose with zero chemicals, or cotton added. The texture is specially designed to make it the softest product on our list, ensuring maximum comfortability for your sleep.

The sheet is fully elasticized, durable against heavy impact to avoid ripping, and capable of keeping you cool during summer and cozy during winter nights. It is also coated with a layer of odor-resistant, along with a luxurious full bedroom set for you.

Due to the 100% bamboo content, the sheets are significantly heavier than other bamboo products. They should also be washed with care, as hot water may affect the softness.

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  • 100% bamboo content for the most softness
  • Odor resistant
  • Durable


  • Heavier than usual
  • Needs to be washed with care

California Design Den – The Most Durable

California Design Den - The Most Durable
California Design Den – The Most Durable

This product is made of smooth and silky bamboo material that brings you a sense of comfort and elegance. Featuring lightweight, skin-friendly, and cooling fabric, this design offers a luxurious experience as you curl into the warm and deep sleep.

Unlike other brand names, this sheet is very durable and can be washed in a washing machine. Over time, the material of the sheet gets softer, with the color retained perfectly. It is also designed to ward off wrinkles, as certified by OEKO-Tex.

After a while of use, the fabric may rip a bit on the edge, which can be caused by hot water while washing. Remember to avoid using hot water to clean these sheets.

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  • Extra softness
  • Durable
  • No wrinkles


  • Easy-to-rip edge

TAFTS – The Runner-Up For Breathability

TAFTS - The Runner-Up For Breathability
TAFTS – The Runner-Up For Breathability

TAFTS makes it on our list as the runner-up of breathable beddings. They are designed by advanced technology to increase the airiness in the structure.

Products of TAFTS are made of full bamboo viscose and fiber. They are not blended with any fabric or chemicals to ensure the highest quality of each product. The bamboo sheet comprises breathable texture and natural thermoregulation to keep the user cozy in any weather.

TAFTS sets are designed with matching colors for your bedroom decoration. There are 11 colors for you to choose from. Another amazing trait of these sheets is that they get softer and more comfortable after every wash, by hands as well as by washing machine.

Aside from the advantages, TAFTS beddings may be easily wrinkled. The color quality is not as bright, either.

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  • Very breathable
  • Become softer after each wash
  • Natural thermoregulation


  • Easy to get wrinkled
  • Average color quality

Bamboo Bay – The Best Moisture-Wicking

Bamboo Bay - The Best Moisture-Wicking
Bamboo Bay – The Best Moisture-Wicking

Bamboo Bay’s most highlighted feature is that they can keep you dry and comfy all night, by absorbing sweat and allowing the air to flow in.

A brand new design from a veteran-owned small business with enhanced breathability to keep you cool and comfy at all times. It also reduces the amount of sweat accumulated at night, keeping you comfortable and dry when you wake up in the morning.

The sheets do not contain any chemical or allergic components, so they are completely safe for your skin, especially those with skin allergies or sensitive skin. These products are also certified by OEKO-TEX and TÜV RHEINLAND, making them safe for use.

Occasionally, the sheets are not fitted to your bed as you expected. They might shrink after a prolonged use period as well.

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  • Moisture-wicking
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Safe for sensitive skin


  • May shrink after prolonged use

SONORO KATE – The Most Wrinkle-Free

SONORO KATE - The Most Wrinkle-Free
SONORO KATE – The Most Wrinkle-Free

SONORO KATE products, another specialized product for hotel use, are well-known for their flexibility, as they are easy to fold, leaving little to no wrinkle even after prolonged use. They are incredibly lightweight, soft, breathable, and stretchable, perfect for large quantity use.

The sheets are made of eco-friendly bamboo viscose fabric mixed with fiber and elastic, enhancing its flexibility in use. The sets also come in many sizes with different colors for decorating. Of course, the high-quality coloring is durable even after a while.

Despite the great comfort, the sheets may be smaller than expected. They also tend to be slippery and may fall off from bed during midnight.

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  • Wrinkle-free
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Eco-friendly


  • Small sized
  • Rather slippery

Cariloha Classic – The Best For Budget

Cariloha Classic - The Best For Budget
Cariloha Classic – The Best For Budget

Last but not least, a trusted brand name with great performance yet the most affordable price. Cariloha Classic is a great option for any circumstances. Their products are designed with a 100% organic weave of viscose from bamboo, twill-weave bamboo sheets for maximum comfort.

Certified by OEKO-TEX 100, these products possess no harmful chemicals during manufacture. Their design consists of a soft and organic bamboo structure using a safe closed-loop method. They will bring you a sense of comfort every time you wrap yourself in them.

The products brought about an average overall performance for a decent price. However, they should be replaced after two months of use since they are not as durable as other options on this list.

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  • Average performance
  • Affordable price
  • Decent comfort
  • 100% organic bamboo material


  • Not durable

How To Choose Bamboo Sheets


The weave of bamboo sheets can be divided into two types: Twill and sateen. Each of the materials has its characteristics.

Twill is the best weave for bamboo sheets, which a diagonal rib can indicate on the sheet. It is sturdy, soft, and does not pill like other materials. If you intend to get one for years to come, choose this type since its useful life is one of the longest compared to other materials.

If you value the softness, go for sateen. Sateen is not as durable as twill; however, it is smoother and silkier than twill, recognized by its flat, tight, and thin appearance. They are more likely to pill up with tiny thread balls than twill.


The most highlighted trait of this material is its airy, breathability that surpasses cotton. The silky sensation of this material gets softer after every wash, enhancing the quality of the sheet.

Naturally, bamboo bed sheets are silky and soft without a slippery sensation. So, when shopping for a bamboo sheet, it’s better to test whether it gives you a soft but not slippery hand-feel.


Bamboo beddings come in various sizes, from full, queen, king to California king size. So, it’s advisable to measure your bed size thoroughly to pick the best match for your sleeper.


The price for bamboo sheets, in general, is a bit higher than traditional cotton and other material beddings. The actual price may vary; however, a decent quality product may cost about $100 to $150. Higher quality products costs may reach $200 per sheet.

Thread Count

Picking a bamboo bed cover with a thread count between 250-350. Due to its nature, bamboo beddings are already softer than common cotton beddings. A 100% bamboo bedding with an average thread count is as comfy as a high-quality cotton bedding with a 400 thread count.

Design, Color, and Pattern

The design of bamboo beddings retains the majority of its original materials. With some modifications, they are more comfortable, as well as eco-friendly, bringing a luxurious sensation. The color and pattern of this product are also enhanced to ensure the best experience for the user.

In terms of design, color, and pattern, it’s a matter of personal preference. So, you just opt for the one catching your eyes the most.


This is one of the most iconic traits of this product. Bamboo textures are known for being airy and comfortable for the user, regardless of the weather. In summer, the fabric allows the air to flow regularly to the body temperature’s thermostat and keep warm during winter.

All bamboo bed linen are greatly breathable, so you don’t need to worry about this feature.


Compared to cotton sheets, bamboo sheets are far more durable. They can last up to 15 years if taken care of appropriately. Common beddings may have tiny fabric beads appearing on the surface after a long while of use; however, bamboo beddings have little to no pilings.

Ease of Care

When choosing a bamboo bed cover, consider models with wrinkle-free, fade-proof properties for ease of care. These features will significantly assist you in the cleaning and maintenance process, as well as expand your product’s useful life.

They need to be washed in cold water, 30 Celsius degrees at max on a gentle cycle. They should also be separated from other clothes since they can be easily damaged by colliding with metal, zippers, etc.

Benefits When Using Bamboo Sheets

For The Environment

Bamboo sheets are an excellent replacement for usual cotton beddings thanks to their amazing benefits to your health and finance.

The first benefit is that bamboo is more resistant and sustainable than cotton. The source material for bamboo beddings is plenty, with little to no need for extensive care and no pesticides or fertilizers required for growing, so they are more environmentally friendly than cotton.

In nature, bamboo fiber is considered a resourceful material for manufacturing. They also grow more quickly than cotton, given that they require much less attention for proper development. After processing, the final product lasts for a much longer time than common cotton.

For Users

Aside from environmental benefits, this product brought about various health perks. Organic bamboo beddings are very soft on their own without any adjustment. They can help you get to sleep faster and deeper, along with a soft aroma extracted from bamboo.

Bamboo is also very safe for the skin. The majority of non-natural beddings on the market these days are manufactured with chemicals and other components, which can be harmful to your skin. Therefore, going for a 100% material bamboo sheet is an ideal solution for sensitive skin.

Last but not least, bamboo beddings help remove the invasion of little bed bugs that can disturb your sleep. The tiny invaders are very fond of the warm and moist atmosphere in cotton beddings; however, bamboo sheets can keep your bed warm and airy, ward off dust mites and bugs.

What Types of Bamboo Sheets Are Available?


Sateen is made from three-yarn-over and one-yarn-under weave, which is one of the softest materials for bamboo sheets. It brings about a sense of luxury in your bedroom thanks to the bright color. When you touch it, it feels as if your hand is moving along a line of silk, although it is not slippery.

Though as not durable as twill, this material still promises a long service life if preserved correctly.


Percale bamboo sheets are fully made of bamboo material; however, sometimes it has a little addition to the original structure to enhance the stability. In general, its characteristics are not much different than other materials with corresponding stability and breathability.


A twill line or diagonal rib often identifies twill bamboo sheets. You can easily find that bamboo twill is short, tight, and weaved well. It is much more durable than cotton; however, it is not as soft and comfortable as sateen.

This type of weave has a great performance in general. They are breathable, soft, and durable over time, with little to no pilling on the surface of the sheet. Twill bamboo is considered one of the best types of bamboo bed sheets available on the market.

Pros And Cons Of Bamboo Sheets


The very first advantage of bamboo sheets is comfort. They are very soft to touch, providing a warm and cozy sensation for your body as you feel it. Since the material is breathable, you won’t feel trapped once you wrap yourself inside the bedding.

Moreover, fully organic bamboo beddings are antibacterial and hypoallergenic. They ward off any bacteria, dust mites, and bug invasion from the outside, as well as reducing moisture in your bed. If you have children or babies, it is recommended to switch to bamboo beddings.

Aside from that, as mentioned, bamboo beddings are much more durable than traditional cotton beddings. They consist of long fiber stretched to the long end of the sheet, unlike short fibers chained together in traditional beddings. Therefore, they are less likely to rip and pill.


One of the major concerns while buying bamboo beddings is their price. A bamboo sheet is usually 2 to 3 times more expensive than traditional beddings. In some regions, bamboo beddings are even more expensive due to tax and transport expenses; however, they are worth the price.

Another concern for buyers is uncertainty among different brand names, including fraud, dumping, and fake bamboo products. It is recommended to check carefully for certain aspects of the product to identify the quality and buy from trusted brands only.


Can bamboo sheets cause skin irritation?

Dust particles and bed bugs are the culprits making your skin irritate and itchy. They are commonly found in cotton, a perfect environment for them to breed.

However, bamboo material is antibacterial and especially hypoallergenic. Unlike cotton sheets, they don’t absorb moisture from your skin, keeping your sheets always clean and hygienic. With those two properties, you will have fewer skin problems while sleeping.

Do bamboo sheets shrink?

The answer is yes. Like many other materials, bamboo sheets shrink when you wash them with hot water.

They have a shrink rate of 6%, which is a small number, but this seems like a problem if your sheets fit the bed well.

How often should you wash bamboo sheets?

Despite the antibacterial properties mentioned above, washing bamboo sheets is necessary to remove dirt and body wastes on their surface.

You should wash them every 7 to 10 days in summer because hot temperatures make us sweat a lot. In the cold months, you only need to wash them after two weeks of use.

Are bamboo sheets any good?

Durability is an outstanding feature of bamboo sheets. They are sturdy and tough and can last for many years. In addition, they hold the dye very well, making every product made from bamboo stay vivid for a long time.

Are bamboo sheets better than cotton sheets?

Bamboo can hold its shape and is more durable than cotton if cared for properly. In addition, bamboo doesn’t need to be washed as often as cotton to stay clean because they don’t absorb much water.

In general, bamboo outperforms cotton. Plus, they reduce skin allergies thanks to their antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Everyone can use bamboo sheets, even those with sensitive skin.

Final Verdict

Above is the list of the best bamboo sheets that we have selected just for you. Bamboo beddings is a new product that has recently appeared on the market; however, it is well recognized for various benefits that outweigh the disadvantages.

After learning about the amazing benefits of bamboo beddings, it is time for you to replace your old cotton sheets with these new and fresh bamboo bed covers for your bedroom and enjoy the comfortable treat you deserve! We hope that this article has been helpful for you!

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