Best Bamboo Shades & Blinds Implies The Nature Scent To Your Living Spaces

Best bamboo shades & blinds are becoming increasingly popular in apartment buildings, office spaces, and even outdoor cafes and restaurants. 

Bamboo shades, with their roll-up-pull-down operation, can provide the ideal balance of allowing the sun’s rays in while protecting privacy.

It is not natural that these curtains are so well-liked. All because of the exceptional benefits they provide to users. If you are interested in these green products, here is our list of 10 suggestions for you.

A Quick Preview

Best Bamboo Shades & Blinds – Review Best Products

Radiance Roll-Up Shade- Best User-Friendly

The User-friendly Roll-Up Shade
The User-friendly Roll-Up Shade. Image credit: Amazon

The first pick on our list is the Radiance shade for its kid-friendly feature. We are impressed by its cordless design, not only adding a neat and tidy touch to your space but also minimizing the accidents when kids play with the cord.

What’s more, its polished coating requires little cleaning. Only with a hand duster, a vacuum, or even a dampened cloth can you clean the shade effortlessly.

Don’t worry if you are not good at installing appliances since it comes with built-in hooks. All you need to do is mount it on wall hangers or something like that.

The only complaint we have is the cheap plastic clip. It is so flimsy that it can be broken after a while.

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  • Cordless, neat, and tidy
  • Kid-friendly
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy installation


  • Flimsy clip

CHICOLOGY Roman Cordless Shades- Most Luxurious

CHICOLOGY Roman Cordless Shades
CHICOLOGY Roman Cordless Shades. Image credit: Amazon

The cordless shade is reasonably priced, but it has a delicate design that will transform your space into a high-class resort hotel room featured in any travel magazines.

Convenient cordless design makes it simple to open and close the shade, making it suitable for all families with young children.

Not to mention that you can change the atmosphere or spice up the rooms in your home with bamboo shades that can match whatever design you are going for.

However, one disadvantage is that the product only provides adequate privacy and not complete privacy. If you want more privacy, purchasing a curtain may be the best option.

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  • Outstanding quality
  • Great customer service
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to setup 


  • Moderate privacy

The Classic Arlo Blinds – Best For Versatile Decoration

The Classic Arlo Blind
The Classic Arlo Blind. Image credit: Amazon

The color and natural texture of the weaves are carefully designed to ensure that the product is long-lasting and of high quality. The cordless design will also help to keep the surrounding area fresher. 

The mounting piece is also adjustable, which is helpful if you want to change or modify the installation position of the bamboo blinds while using them.

It is unfortunate that the product does not meet the needs of outdoor use for an extended period of time. Furthermore, the product is easily visible, so if you want privacy, this is not the one for you.

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  • Offer samples
  • Straightforward guidelines
  • High-quality manufacturing


  • Indoor use only

Seta Direct Bamboo Roll-Up Blind – Best for Ease Of Installation

Seta Direct Bamboo Roll-Up Blind
Seta Direct Bamboo Roll-Up Blind. Image credit: Amazon

If you are not good at DIY or installing things, Seta Direct blind will give you a hand. Aside from the cordless design, it comes with all the basic hardware required for both indoor and outdoor mount. No need to rack your brain to think of how to hang it.

Are you a nature’s kid? You will find this blind you perfect match. It will filter out the harsh sunlight yet still allow some brightness to go through for you to enjoy the sun’s kiss.

The blind will add a touch of natural scent to your space, making it the ideal place to relax while sipping some tropical drinks.

On the downside, the brown color seems to fade away after several weeks, but there is no inconvenience rather than the degradation of aesthetics.

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  • Easy to install
  • Partially filter sunlight
  • Cordless for a neat look


  • Color fading after a few weeks

ALEKO Roman Wooden Roll-Up Blinds – Best For Creating An Antique Atmosphere

ALEKO Roman Wooden Roll-Up Blinds
ALEKO Roman Wooden Roll-Up Blinds. Image credit: Amazon

With its delicate design and meticulous processing, this blind both beautifies your space and filters out a good portion of the sun’s dazzling rays, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between privacy and sunlight. Also, the dark-brown and the silk cord give you an antique and rustic vibe to spruce up your space.

Blinds are made of bamboo slats and a woven silk cord that can be easily unrolled and rewound to allow more sunlight in.

If you intend to use the blinds outside, keep in mind that they are quite sensitive to humid climates, so keep them clean and free of bacteria and mold to extend the product’s life and save yourself money.

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  • Elegant design
  • Reasonable price
  • Balance window treatment


  • Susceptible to rainy conditions

Tj Global Roll-Up Window Blind – Best For Durability

Tj Global Roll-Up Window Blind
Tj Global Roll-Up Window Blind. Image credit: Amazon

With a wide range of size options, you’ll be able to find the ideal fit for any home at an affordable price. It will do its job flawlessly, with beautiful details and high quality made from carefully selected bamboo.

The shades are simple to install and move, making decorating your home a breeze! The hanging hooks are included. Simply mark the locations for the hooks, drill a small hole or start the hole with a nail, and you’re ready to hang.

However, because the product does not include a cord installation guide, some people who normally use cordless models may struggle with installation.

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  • Decent price
  • Simple adaptability
  • Attractive design


  • Sensitive to damp conditions

Passenger Pigeon Bamboo Outdoor Roller Shade – Best Waterproof

Passenger Pigeon Bamboo Outdoor Roller Shade
Passenger Pigeon Bamboo Outdoor Roller Shade. Image credit: Amazon

Fading, high humidity, deformation, external shocks, and temperature extremes are all resistant to this blind. The product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

However, to ensure long-term preservation, you should not let this shade be directly exposed to rainwater.

The manufacturer also provides excellent customer service by sending samples, working with customers on size, and checking in to ensure that the product is satisfactory.

Customers should keep in mind that because it is a corded design, it is not suitable for families with small children.

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  • Allow size customization
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Extended color choices


  • Easily tangled

Thy Trading Roll Up Window Blind – Best For Budget

Thy Trading Roll-Up Blind
Thy Trading Roll-Up Blind. Image credit: Amazon

This product is undoubtedly perfect for consumers who do not wish to spend a large sum of money. However, the product is still guaranteed to provide you with basic and necessary features, so there is no need to be concerned.

The manufacturer utilizes bamboo rayon to make this blind, which provides a great thermoregulation property for a cooler space in summer and warmer zone in winter. And it’s also odor-resistant, allowing you to use it outdoors.

Bamboo blinds, which are still simple to install, will protect you and your home from the harsh rays of the sun while also providing privacy. Above all, the design is considered to be quite friendly with a coastal or farmhouse presence.

However, it would be better if this pick came with a waterproof feature. During winter months, it gets wet, and black molds soon appear.

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  • Cheap price
  • Regulate the heat well
  • Easy to install
  • Odor-resistant


  • Not waterproof

Asian Home Conceal Bamboo Shades – Best For Moderate Consistency   

Asian Home Bamboo Shade
Asian Home Bamboo Shade. Image credit: Amazon

The bamboo blinds are well-matched pieces that are securely fastened together and filter the perfect amount of light during midday summers while also fitting small and cozy spaces. 

As other conventional roll-up shades, this Asian Home product has a quite long cord. But the good news is that it also comes with a special safety feature, which will detach the cord if the excessive weight is placed on it. 

Comparing its quality to other same-level competitors, it can be said that this product is quite good, especially at an affordable price.

However, there are still some minor flaws that you should consider before making your final decision. For instance, this shade will not provide privacy. So, don’t do anything crazy; otherwise, you may stand a chance of irritating your neighbors.

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  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable
  • Conventional roll-up design


  • Not offers privacy

Calyx Interiors Cordless Shades- Best For Classy Looks

Calyx Interiors Cordless Shades
Calyx Interiors Cordless Shades. Image credit: Amazon

If you are looking for an absolute solution for direct sunlight, this Calyx Interiors Cordless Shade comes in handy. It offers a comprehensive protection for your family from cold air in the winter and excess heat in the summer.

Calyx Interiors has always been well-known for creating items in diverse colors and sizes, and this shade is not an exception, which offers you various choices to suit your tastes. 

Not to mention, all color options, from cloud white, grey, ivory to espresso, are neutral tones, adding a classy look to your living room. 

Another amazing point about this product is that it is safe for children and pets. Chill out as your kids will not face any threats when wrapping the excluded cord. 

Unfortunately, though the manufacturer says that it is also suitable for outside uses, the outcome doesn’t live up to customers’ expectations.

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  • Pet and kids safe 
  • Various sizes and colors for classy looks 
  • Offers comprehensive protection 


  •  Unsuitable for outdoor purposes 

Choosing Bamboo Blinds


A bamboo is an excellent option if you want a low-impact, long-lasting material. Natural fibers are used to make woven wood shades, also known as bamboo or grass shades.

Normally, the bamboo species chosen for the production of bamboo blinds will have a thickness of 1 to 2 centimeters, no termite damage, and no trunk defects. 

These bamboo blinds all have natural characteristics, are resistant to rain and sun, and are extremely heat-insulating.

Bamboo, in particular, is a very durable material. Bamboo is both adaptable and flexible. As a result, bamboo-made items are very strong and can withstand breaking when stressed. 

Not to mention that bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and contributes significantly to the stability of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the earth.

Furthermore, this material is recyclable, anti-erosion, anti-fungal, germ-destroying, and sturdy.

Durability And Resistance

Because bamboo is one of the most durable raw materials available, these window shades are extremely durable, considering how bamboo is used in the manufacture of furniture and the construction of buildings. 

Furthermore, they perform admirably when continuously exposed to sunlight, making them more durable than competing products.

In areas where there is frequent sunlight, bamboo blinds will be effective in limiting absolute or partial sunlight, depending on the user’s preference while also helping to block heat, keeping the inside air cooler.

The shades provide a one-of-a-kind window treatment to complement any room decor, as well as lighting control, toxic ray protection, and even ventilation, thanks to their features, flexibility, and unique visual appeal. 

We all need window coverings in our homes. If you need a curtain for high humidity areas like bathrooms and pools, or areas that get a lot of sun, this is the product for you.


Bamboo blinds are a product that was created with meticulous, thorough, diverse, and stylish processing. As a result, many people prefer it because it has the effect of shading the sun, covering the rain, dividing space, ventilation, and creating a cool sensation. 

Natural, fresh bamboo blinds emit the pure scent of bamboo, calming your mood. It adds a touch of elegance and nobility to the space of the house, whether used indoors or outdoors.

It is a simple but delicate product for those who want to go green with environmentally friendly items. 

Mounting Hardware

Before you buy, carefully consider where you want to put your blind. Using a ruler to check the window angles and sizes is the best way to avoid having to change them repeatedly.

When you first buy the blind, make sure that the material and sturdiness of the mounting hardware allow it to be hung in the desired position, depending on the design of the room and the type of window.

Why Choose Bamboo Blinds & Shades? 

Bamboo shades and blinds can include a reviving flavor to your personal space with such natural-inspired and eco-friendly materials.

With the resilient material known as bamboo, it is pretty sturdy and will last for a long period of time, even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Fully organic bamboo beddings are antibacterial and hypoallergenic. They ward off any bacteria, dust mites, and bug invasion from the outside and are super friendly to sensitive skin, even babies.

Blinds with natural material can be used in any environment, indoor or outdoor. These blinds are available in three different hues: light, substrate, and dim, with a wide range of natural wood shades to choose from within each color. 

There is no denying that you will find the ideal color to match your flooring, furnishings, or overall decorations.

Not only quick and easy to maintain, but they are also easy to clean. Once a week, a thin layer of dust with a feather duster will suffice three to four times if you live in a dusty or sandy area.

Are you ready to make a change? Bamboo blinds are a superb option for those looking to bring a natural element to their houses because of all of their amazing qualities and the fact that they are environmentally friendly.

Types Of Bamboo Blinds


Venetian, the first and most popular type, with many widths and texture options such as plain or painted that comes with a variety of wood colors to match the design you choose.


In contrast to the Venetian, the following Roman shades are made of fabric ranging from silk and linen to cotton and synthetic materials and are designed to pleat when raised. 

The blinds are made by inserting slats attached by cords into the back of a fabric panel. When you lift the blind, the cords lift the slats together, forcing the blind to fold into pleats.


Roll-up blinds are woven together to form a matchstick style solid layer, giving amazing shading, and privacy with slats. It can be raised and brought down and adjusted, giving you more control over the light within the room, as well as the advantage of being able to be withdrawn all the way up.

How To Clean And Take Care 

Keep in mind to clean the blinds on a weekly basis to save time and prevent dust buildup over time. A duster and your vacuum cleaner are two of the best ways to help you clean the blinds.

While bamboo shades are undoubtedly firm, they are also susceptible to small scratches, so when cleansing, use a soft material, feather duster, or your vacuum’s brush attachment.

The best way to effectively remove any tiny dirt particles is to use hot water and oil-based soap. Prepare as much water as you can to allow your shades to submerge in it.

Aside from that, there are some eco-friendly furniture cleaning alternatives to major oil soap brands. As a small tip, one cup of white vinegar for every gallon of water can be equally effective as a sanitizer. 

To get the best results, use one part bleach to two parts water if your bamboo appears to be mildewed or moldy.

Wait about fifteen to twenty minutes for the blinds to fully submerge in the solution before removing them from the water and wiping the water out with a soft material cloth to remove any stubborn dirt that has remained. Finally, hang them in a well-ventilated area for a couple of hours to completely dry.

You can also use dusting products to enhance the organic wood’s natural glow to maintain the appearance. Use a dust-repellent mist on your cloth before cleaning them on a weekly basis. This can help with buildup and make your blinds glow.


How Do They Work?

Blinds can be tilted to let the sun in or keep it out, and light is lost when they are closed. Shades can be used to either darken the room or filter the light, offering you more control over the light intensity. 

Do Bamboo Blinds Block Out Light?

Yes, but not 100%.

Whereas the surface and weave of bamboo window coverings permit a few natural sifted lights to pass through, you can effortlessly control any see-through by basically including a protection or blackout liner.

How Long Will They Last?

Bamboo blinds have been shown to last more than ten years in environmental condition and more than twenty years indoors when properly maintained for.

Bamboo, the original material, can withstand prolonged sunlight exposure, resulting in bamboo blinds with long-lasting durability. The hardiness of bamboo makes it an excellent choice for both interior and exterior use.

How To Shorten Bamboo Blinds?

The blinds are crafted by tying together various parts of bamboo, and they add a simplified, classy living room. While you can purchase bamboo blinds in custom sizes, you could also save money by cutting them yourself. 

If your blinds are too lengthy, you can cut them down with scissors and hot glue.

How To Hang Bamboo Shades?

These blinds are ridiculously easy to assemble, with two tiny triangle hanging hooks on top and two strings to help them rise and fall. 

First, raise the bamboo shades and mark all of the apertures to ensure that everything is in the proper place. After that, mount the firmware and mark the locations for the pilot holes.

Screw the included hooks into the undersurface of the top window frame if your windows are inset, or straight at the top of your window molds if they are not.


Bamboo blinds provide numerous design advantages. They make a great addition to any room’s decor. Because of their longevity, they are dependable because they perform the functions of traditional blinds with little to no repairs. Furthermore, bamboo blinds are user- and environmentally friendly.

Hopefully, after reading our list of the best bamboo shades & blinds, you will be able to choose the most suitable and collect more useful tips based on all of the information presented.