Best Bamboo Bath Mat Review 2022: For Your Comfortable Step After Bathing

The best bamboo bath mat brings you a wonderful experience after bathing.

Do you want to know why so many people replace ordinary bath mats with bamboo one? Refer to this article because it indicates the superior features of bamboo mats and reviews the most popular products on the market.

A Quick Preview

Why Should You Use A Bamboo Bath Mat?

Through a popular survey, the primary reason that many people choose bamboo mats for their house is that it provides a great feeling after bathing.

Imagine that you stand on a bamboo mat with wet feet after stepping out of the bathroom. It is a rustic, homely feeling that makes your bathroom feel more luxurious.

This mat type brings a wonderful experience to you, and it helps to replace the usual boring carpet. 

Besides the feeling above, consumers also love using this mat type due to its many superior features. Compared to conventional carpets, this item is water-resistant, non-slip, anti-mold, and convenient, etc.

If you use a fabric rug, you have to wash it regularly. This is because water makes the carpet damp, causing odors and a breeding ground for molds.

The good news is washing the bamboo type does not take as much time.

Thus, let’s scroll down to understand better why everyone is in love with this product.

How To Choose The Best Bamboo Bath Mat

What Size Is Your Bathroom?

You need to determine the size as it is vital to choose the best bamboo bath mat since an unsuitable size gives you an uncomfortable feeling of space-waste.

Thus, our recommendation is to choose based on the space you have. Normally, the ratio between your mat and bathtub is 2:3. If you have a small bathroom, the 1:2 or 1:3 ratio is considerable.

How Will You Store The Bath Mat?

You can rely on how you store to choose the mat. If you don’t want to store it often, choose the mat with less area in contact with the floor.

The reason is that products affected more by water need to be stored frequently. Based on that, you can find a mat design that works best for your needs. 

Do You Need A Non-slip Backing?

Yes, you do. The non-slip backing feature reduces the risk of slipping while you step in/out of the mat. If you want the best safety in using a mat, it is necessary to buy a product with non-slip backing.

Best Bamboo Bath Mat – Review Best Products

#1 iDesign Formbu Non-skid And Water-resistant Bamboo Bath Mat – Best Attractive Design

iDesign Formbu Non-skid And Water-resistant Bamboo Bath Mat
iDesign Formbu Non-skid And Water-resistant Bamboo Bath Mat

The highlight of this mat comes from its eye-catching design.

It is made from flat bamboo slats that are stacked side by side. At the contour, there is a fabric cover to keep the slats fixed and decorate the mat. With such an appealing design, you can easily use it to decorate various interiors, from classic to modern.

In addition, this item ensures a full range of helpful features for a bamboo mat such as anti-slip, vents, rollable, etc.

It is flat, and most of the back area is in contact with the floor. That is why the accumulated water is hard to evaporate if the drip amount is large. You should only put it next to the bathtub instead of being in the shower.

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  • Easy to clean
  • Eye-catching design
  • Durability
  • Anti-slip


  • Hard for water to evaporate

#2 Zpirates Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat – Best Water-proof Feature

Zpirates Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat 
Zpirates Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat

If you are looking for a mat with the best waterproof surface, the Zpirates Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat is a great pick.

The manufacturer has used natural bamboo to produce it. In addition, they have covered the surface of the carpet three times with a water-resistant coating. The combination between original materials and three covers keeps it from getting moldy in wet environments.

Moreover, it has large vents interlaced to create airflow to prevent molds, making water evaporate easily.

This mat also has other features such as weight limit or ease to clean, etc. Especially, it is rollable and foldable for traveling.

However, the anti-slip ability of this mat is a bit under expectations. If you put it in any area with lots of water, it may slip slightly.

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  •  High-durability
  • Water-proof
  • Easy to use
  • Foldable and rollable


  • May slip slightly

#3 Bamfan Non-slip Bamboo Sturdy Water-proof Bath Mat – Best For Multiple Purpose

Bamfan Non-Slip Bamboo Sturdy Water-proof Bath Mat
Bamfan Non-Slip Bamboo Sturdy Water-proof Bath Mat

Bamfan non-slip bamboo sturdy water-proof mat is the best choice for multiple purposes. 

Its dimension is 21.3 x 14.2 x 1.2 inches that suit many occasions. For example, you can use it as a food storage rack if you don’t want to place food on the ground. 

Moreover, you can place it outdoor for your children to use the shower or make it an entryway mat. 

Of course, it provides all the features that a normal bamboo mat has, like anti-slip, leak-proof backing, vents, traveling, etc.

Nevertheless, it is quite easy to get molds in a wet environment. You need to store it as often as you can and don’t forget to dry it after taking a shower. 

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  • Multiple-purpose
  • Great vents for airflow
  • Suitable for traveling
  • Non-slip


  • Easy to get mold

#4 GOBAM Relaxation and Non-slip Bath Mat – Best For Compact Design

GOBAM Relaxation and Non-slip Bath Mat
GOBAM Relaxation and Non-slip Bath Mat

Suppose your bathroom is small, you should try this mat for the best compact design. 

Its dimension is only 19.7 x 13 x 1.26 inches which suit any space. You can place it in a small space without worrying about the fit.

Besides, it is lightweight at 3.3 pounds for you to bring it along for traveling as a seat or a small table. 

This bamboo mat is anti-slip with three bamboo slats for standing. Underneath these three slats are anti-rust screws with attached rubber pads to increase friction.

Thanks to the nine friction points, you will feel delighted  when stepping on it with reduced contact area and increased friction.

Yet, its water-resistant ability is quite weak. It absorbs a small amount of water, so you should dry it out when finishing showering. 

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  • Compact design
  • Great for traveling
  • Anti-slip with nines rubber pads


  • Slight water absorption

#5 Mind Reader BAMAT-BRN Luxury And Environment – Best For Fast Drying

Mind Reader BAMAT-BRN Luxury And Environment
Mind Reader BAMAT-BRN Luxury And Environment

You should try this Mind Reader BAMAT-BRN luxury environment-friendly bamboo bath mat for its fast drying. 

The manufacturer has used Bamboo Raymon to produce this product. As your carpet absorbs water, semi-synthetic fibers inside reduce water damage and promote evaporation faster than other kinds.

For other features, you can get all the convenience it has. It is both foldable and rollable. Besides, the backside has up to 45 rubber anti-slip pads, increasing the friction for your stable standing. 

Also, the front side is slightly slippery, so you should be careful when standing on it. 

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  • Fast drying
  • Foldable and rollable
  • Anti-slip backside 
  • High-durability


  • Slippery front side

#6 Bambüsi Premium Foldable and Non-slip Bamboo Bath Mat – Best For Foldable Design

Bambüsi Premium Foldable and Non-slip Bamboo Bath Mat
Bambüsi Premium Foldable and Non-slip Bamboo Bath Mat

People are fond of this product because it has a unique foldable design.

Typically, the low pile mat types have no foldable feature. However, the manufacturer has split a long bamboo mat into two square halves, hinged in the middle so you can fold it easily.

This design is very convenient for carrying or stowing when not in use. You can also fold it into an arrow shape to dry it faster.

In addition, on the backside, there are six big rubber circle pads attached to help prevent the carpet from slipping when you step on it. The openings of the carpet also facilitate air convection, allowing water to evaporate faster.

You can also use this mat for many different purposes, both indoor and outdoor.

However, its weight-bearing capacity is quite poor, so less than 200 lbs are alright. Therefore, you should carefully consider your body weight before buying.

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  • Superior foldable design
  • Anti-slip
  • Good air convection
  • Both indoor and outdoor uses


  • Poor  weight-bearing capacity

#7 Morvat Moisture-resistant And Lattice Design Bamboo Bath Mat Best For Anti-slip

Morvat Moisture-resistant And Lattice Design Bamboo Bath Mat
Morvat Moisture-resistant And Lattice Design Bamboo Bath Mat

The best feature of this bamboo mat is anti-slip. It contains small rectangular pieces of bamboo tied together. Each piece has attached rubber pads on the back to increase friction.

With 10 (row) x 10 (rubber pads), there are up to 100 friction pads on the backside. Thanks to that, this item ensures incredible anti-slip.

In addition, its design has many medium vents for better water evaporations to dry faster. 

This mat is a flat type that withstands more weight than others. You can also roll or fold it to bring whenever you want.

This product easily gets moldy if you leave it in continuous wet environments for a long time. Pay attention to regular cleaning as well as sun exposure for the best durability.

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  • Anti-slip 
  • Fast drying
  • Weight limit
  • Rollable and foldable


  • Gets moldy easily

#8 Domax Non-Slip And Waterproof Wooden Bamboo Bath Mat – Best For Durability

Domax Non-Slip And Waterproof Wooden Bamboo Bath Mat
Domax Non-Slip And Waterproof Wooden Bamboo Bath Mat

This Domax non-slip and waterproof wooden bamboo mat can go with you in the longest run.

Its high durability comes from the design with five vertical bamboo slats on the backside.

It provides the best weight-bearing capacity. Its mechanism disperses the force to ensure your body weight does not focus on one point that may break the bamboo slat.

The 20 rubber feet below play an anti-slip role and contribute to the force dissipation from your weight.

In addition, the use of Moso bamboo enables its high durability. This material is sturdy and more durable than any kind of wood and oak.

Keep in mind that it is quite easy to get mold if you don’t preserve it well. Thus, you should clean and keep it dry after bathing. 

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  • Great durability
  • Great weight-bearing capacity
  • Anti-slip
  • Smooth front surface


  • Easy to get molds

Bamboo Bath Mat Benefits


The mechanism of a fabric carpet is water absorbent, while the bamboo mat mechanism is waterproof. 

It is also water-absorbent but only in small amounts, and the water quickly evaporates. With the characteristic of bamboo wood and many kinds of oil coating, this water-resistant feature is outstanding. 

Thus, it minimizes mold and is the basis for high durability.


Bamboo mats are often designed with large or small vents. These vents create a space for water to drop down and evaporate after that. As a result, there is no water storage causing odors and mold.

Besides, the space between vents reduces the contact area and increases the friction for your foot. That’s how it prevents slipping when you step on this carpet with wet feet.

Leak-proof backing

Some products have this feature to limit water leakage below the mat. When the water drips down, it passes through the vents to the floor and naturally evaporates.

However, with this feature, there is also a bamboo coating underneath to prevent water from reaching the floor, ensuring that water leaks cannot cause slippery floors.


You can rest assured that bamboo inherently has anti-slip properties.

Moreover, the manufacturer tries to limit the contact surface between the mat and the floor. For example, some designs are raised above the floor with two bamboo sheets, minimizing sliding.

Weight limit

Bamboo has a great carrying capacity. Some mats can withstand weight up to 300 lbs.


There are many styles in the market, and you can choose what matches your preferences the best.

Some popular bamboo mats on the current market are classic and modern. The manufacturer has paid a lot of attention to product styling to give you great feelings during use.


How Do You Clean A Bamboo Bath Mat?

It is not easy to clean a bamboo bath mat in the dishwasher or sink because of its large size. 

You should find a spacious place with a basin where you can soak it in warm water with soap. After rinsing it, let it dry under the sunlight because you need the water absorbed into the mat to evaporate quickly.

How Do You Keep Bath Mats From Getting Moldy?

The best way to prevent molds is to use food-grade mineral oil. After a few months of use, you need to coat this oil once or twice to make the item more mold-resistant.

Are Bamboo Bath Mats Slippery?

A bamboo mat hardly slips when you step on it. The reason is that the manufacturer has equipped it with enhanced anti-slip features compared to conventional carpets.

Can You Put A Bamboo Mat In The Shower?

Yes, it is possible. However, most people try to place it next to the bathtub. The reason is that you don’t want a wet floor caused by water dripping from your body.

As used in the shower, you cannot take advantage of all its functions except for the anti-slipping. 

How Often Should You Clean Bath Mats?

Typically, you should clean the mat after one to two months. 

How Do You Dry A Bath Mat After A Shower?

You should dry it with a towel, then put it in a cool area, or if possible, expose it to sunlight. That makes the water evaporate faster, and the bamboo mat is quickly ready for the next use.


Have you found your best bamboo bath mat yet? If not, it is advisable to try the iDesign Formbu non-skid and water-resistant bamboo mat because it has a suitable eye-catching design for various types of bathroom interiors.

Hopefully, this article helps you figure out your favorite option and have a great experience with the right bamboo bath mat.