5 Best Bamboo Baseball Bats (Top-Rated Products Of 2022)

Unlike wooden bats – which have become a prerequisite on the field – bamboo bats are relatively new to the market. However, their durability and the reasonable price range make bamboo bats quickly soar in terms of popularity, as more and more amateur players choose to own one over the titanium or other composite counterparts.

If you are among those who find themselves drawn to the best bamboo baseball bats, let’s browse through our article to figure out all the tips and tricks with a bamboo bat and see how it can work wonders for you.

A Quick Preview

Buying Guide: What To Consider When Choosing A Bamboo Baseball Bat?

What Is A Bamboo Baseball Bat?

Simply put, a bamboo baseball bat is just a bat, but made from bamboo rather than other traditional wood (like birch or maple). As bamboo is a plant, bamboo bats are classified as one of the wooden bats and starting to be a number one choice for baseball practice among amateurs.

How Is A Bamboo Baseball Bat Made?

When it comes to construction, bamboo baseball bats pride themselves on the complicated procedure that guarantees top quality.

Instead of crafting the barrel out of a complete woodblock, multiple bamboo chutes will be pressed together to create a billet. Next up, craftsmen use the available billets to carve out different models of bamboo bats, depending on each manufacturer.

After rigorous polish to ensure the smoothness of the bat’s surface, as well as the lacquered coatings for extra shininess, the bamboo bats are ready to go.

3 factors to consider before buying a bamboo baseball bat

Formal requirements

For professional players – or at least players that engage in baseball leagues at some levels – remember to look up the rules before deciding which bat to buy. Players from Minor leagues are usually required to adhere to the USABat or USSSA bat, while junior players’ bats must comply with BBCOR standards.


Bats too long or too short can both wreak havoc on a player’s performance. If a bat is too long, you would have to yield unnecessary weight, which slows down your speed. Vice versa, a short bat prevents you from covering the entire plate.

So how can you pick out a bamboo baseball bat with the most suitable length? Let’s adopt one of the three approaches below.

  • Position the knob of the bamboo bat right at the center of your chest, then hold it parallel to an arm stretching to the side. A fitting bat would allow you to touch the end of the bat with your fingertips comfortably.
  • Place the bamboo bat in a standing position parallel to your leg. Then reach your hands down and see where the knob lies. If it falls within the center of your palm, it is the right length for you.
  • Hold the bamboo bat by placing your hand over its barrel and stretch it out in front of you. Check out whether the knob of the bat touches the center of your chest. If it does, then the length is appropriate.


Bamboo baseball bats come in different swingweights, so you might want to try them out and see which swingweight is within your capacity. A pro tip is to hold a bat at the knob and extend it all the way to your side. If it is heavy enough for you, you will be able to keep the stance mentioned above for at least 45 seconds.

Best Bamboo Baseball Bats of 2021 – In-Depth Review

#1. BamBooBat Youth Bat – Best For Young Players

BamBooBat Youth Bat
BamBooBat Youth Bat

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Lightweight and size-appropriate enough for players aging 5 to 13, BamBooBat Youth is the number one choice for kids starting to familiarize themselves with the game.

Made from a variety of bamboo billets to ensure maximal durability, BamBooBat Youth prides itself on the sturdiness that allows young players to practice rigorously without the risk of splintering or breaking. That is not to mention the three colors available – namely black, white, and royal – allowing kids to pick out their favorite.


  • Well-balanced.
  • Qualified as a BBCOR bat.
  • 1-inch increment for size adjustment.


  • Excessive vibrations if exposed to cold air for a long time.

#2. Easton S1 Bat – Best Value For Money

Easton S1 Bat
Easton S1 Bat

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If you are looking for a hybrid bat, the Easton S1 is the one to go. The ultra-lightweight bamboo core increases the tensile strength of the bat, while the professional-grape maple cover absorbs vibrations and can withstand multiple hits.

Furthermore, Easton S1 comes with the incorporated pro-balanced speed design to qualify as a BBCOR bat. Last but not least, its 90-day warranty works like a charm, and customers are likely to receive an upgraded version of the bat if it breaks down.


  • Reliable customer service.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Consistent performance.


  • No gripe on the handle.
  • Barrel slightly small.

#3. Champro Bat – Best For Practice

Champro Bat
Champro Bat

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For baseball newbies – especially small kids – who want to practice their hitting skills, the Champro bat is definitely a must-have. A couple of tee balls or tennis balls with a few practice sessions with the bat, and the little players will improve their performance in no time.

The Champro bat is technically not a qualified baseball bat but rather a training model. The handle comes with a tacky grip to provide similar sensations to holding a real bat. In contrast, the 2 ⅝-inch diameter “sweet spot” at the end of the bat helps players focus on that particular location rather than the entire barrel.


  • Innovative design.
  • Easy to swing.
  • Excellent training tool.


  • Cannot be used with baseballs.

#4. Mizuno 340465 Bat – Best Traditional Bat

Mizuno 340465 Bat
Mizuno 340465 Bat

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Mizuno 340465 is a BBCOR bat that makes use of solid bamboo chutes to create a traditional wooden bat feeling. With the matte finish for extra smoothness, the bat gives out a professional and slick vibe without compromising its functions.

To make sure players can comfortably swing the bat, the barrel’s end is cupped and loaded to maximize the power of each hit, while at the same time, reducing the pressure placed on the handle. As the weight is more focused on the sweet spot and not on the grip, feel free to hit the ball with your full prowess and no worries about the bat slipping out of your hands.

Thus, Mizuno 340465 is your safest option if you are a fan of classic bamboo baseball bats.


  • Appealing design.
  • Sanded handle.
  • Cupped end.


  • Slightly more expensive for a bamboo bat.

#5. Mpowered 2014 Bat – Best Appearance

Mpowered 2014 Bat
Mpowered 2014 Bat

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At first glance, the Mpowered 2014 bat stands out with its brick-red coatings that instantly draw attention. With a big barrel to provide plenty of space for a sweet pot, this bat is an excellent choice for contact hitters to polish their skills.

While this model from Mpowered does not come with a BBCOR stamp, it still has a -3 drop weight that qualifies as such. This bamboo baseball bat’s balanced structure and sturdiness make it a reasonable choice if you want something both sleek and highly efficient.


  • Painted finish.
  • Smooth surface.


  • Lifespan up to a few months only.

Bamboo Bats Vs. Metal Bats: Detailed Comparison

  Bamboo bats Metal bats
Durability Bamboo bats are made from strips of bamboo for extra sturdiness, but they are easier to break upon massive contact. Metal arguably has a longer lifespan than its bamboo counterparts, but they are also more prone to micro dents and cracks. While these do not immediately break a metal bat, they can compromise its quality.
Swingweight Bamboo bats are available in many different swingweights, and thus, you can easily pick one based on your preferences. Metal bats are only available in league-approved sizes.
League eligibility Since bamboo bats are made from different strips of bamboo rather than one woodblock, they do not meet the standards set out by professional leagues and thus, do not guarantee 100% approval. Metal bats are allowed in senior leagues and below, but they are not eligible for major leagues.


5 Advantages Of Using Bamboo Bats

There are many benefits associated with bamboo baseball bats that make them a must-have for baseball players.


Bamboo bats are way cheaper than wooden, metal, or composite bats. For baseball newbies who do not wish to spend excessive money on buying brand-name bats, getting a bamboo bat is an economical choice.


Available in multiple sizes, a bamboo bat is suitable for various players, from junior ones to semi-pro. Thus, anyone from any level can pick out a bamboo bat that meets their needs.


Bamboo is known for its strength, and this strength is multiplied when lots of chutes are put together. Therefore, the tensile strength of bamboo bats is not to be ignored.

Low maintenance

A bamboo bat does not need regular care compared to its metal counterparts. For example, if the barrel of a metal bat is severely dented and cracked, it will have to be replaced to ensure consistent performance. A bamboo bat – on the other hand – can enjoy numerous hits before shattering.

Good for practice

Bamboo bats can be rather heavy, sometimes even a bit heavier than standard wooden bats used in major leagues. As a result, they are regarded as excellent practice equipment for players to familiarize themselves with bats and not get overwhelmed when officially entering a field.


Is bamboo a good baseball bat?

Bamboo baseball bats are definitely among the best if you are looking for something beginner-friendly and versatile. With its sturdy construction, coupled with the affordable price range and multiple different swingweights, bamboo baseball bats should be your number one choice if you are new to the game.

Still, it is worth noting that bamboo bats have their demerits. A bamboo bat requires a break-in period until it can operate with maximal results. This means you have to swing your bamboo bat quite often to mold the hitting surface into perfect shapes.

How are bamboo bats made?

Bamboo bats are not a unified structure but a combination of bamboo strips pressed against each other for extra durability. These bamboo strips form a billet, which soon turns into a baseball bat after phases of chiseling and carving.

Who uses bamboo bats?

Bamboo bats are mostly for casual games and off-the-field practice, so their users tend to be amateurs or newbie players.

Are bamboo baseball bats legal?

Unfortunately, bamboo bats are not eligible for many professional and sanctioned leagues. This is because laws concerning bats require all wooden bats on the fields to come from a single block, while bamboo bats rely on multiple bamboo chutes for their strength.

Nevertheless, if the bamboo bat has a USABat stamp, it can be allowed during Little League. And to make it through the NCAA, a bamboo bat will have to pass the NCAA inspections and get BBCOR verified.

How long would bamboo bats last?

If used frequently, a bamboo bat can last up to 10 months.


Economical and diverse in size, bamboo bats provide you with a solid foundation for practice before engaging in more professional games. Therefore, do not forget to follow our guidelines on picking the best bamboo baseball bats and choosing one accordingly!