Best Bamboo Sheets For Cooling Review 2022 (TOP 10 CHOICES)

If you are one of those many people who tend to get hot and sweaty in bed, often tossing and turning during the night because of the high heat, no matter how much you keep your house cool, you know how difficult it is to get a good night’s sleep on summer days. 

Don’t worry, because there’s a great solution for you: dressing your bed with bamboo sheets for cooling. It can allow you to obtain a good night’s sleep and cool you down all night.

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A Quick Preview

Best Bamboo Shades For Cooling – Review Best Products

#1 Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets Set Queen Grey – Best For Sensitive Skin 

Bedsure Bamboo Cooling Sheets
Bedsure Bamboo Cooling Sheets


Compared to bamboo-based rayon blends, these Bedsure bamboo bed sheets are made with 100% Viscose without any other additional ingredients, which is safer.

Crafted in bamboo viscose, this soft plush bed linen is suitable for sensitive skin and keeps you cool and dry as the fabric absorbs moisture from the body. 

This bamboo bed sheet is ideal for sensitive skin because insulated bamboo bed sheets naturally remove moisture to keep you dry and cool throughout the night. It is a very helpful solution for people who suffer from night sweats.

Mattressing up to 16 inches deep, it’s simple to put on, won’t fall off, and provides a fresh, clean sensation every night.

Unfortunately, its smoothness requires a gentle wash; otherwise, the sheets might wrinkle easily at times.

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  • Silky soft for sensitive skin
  • An ideal solution for night sweats
  • Offers fresh and clean sensation


  • Gentle care required

#2 Bampure 100% Organic Bamboo Sheets – Best  Organic Bamboo Sheets

Bampure 100% Organic Bamboo Sheets
Bampure 100% Organic Bamboo Sheets

Bampure cushions are as natural as it gets, made from 100% organic bamboo rayon cultivated in a chemical-free ecosystem, giving them the smoothest linens available. 

Bampure bamboo bed sheet set has been meticulously crafted to provide you with next-level relaxation. No more searching for a “cold spot” on your pillow, no more night sweating, no dangerous synthetics – simply pure enjoyment.

Because these sheets are OEKO-TEX certified for ultimate softness, and capability of regulating your temperature all year.

According to many users, this bed sheet may easily wrinkle after washing; but, it is not a major concern. 

Most users are astonished by its high price when compared to the market average. But believe us, its quality will blow your mind.

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  • 100% organic bamboo
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Chemical-free and odor-resistant
  • Able to regulate temperature all year


  • Easily wrinkle after washing
  • Quite exorbitant

#3 Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Bamboo Bed Sheets – Best For Diverse Models

Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Bamboo Bed Sheets
Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Bamboo Bed Sheets

If you want to feel like you’re resting on a fluffy cloud high in the sky, Hotel Sheets Direct can be a wise investment.

The set is available in 18 different colors and fits mattresses up to 15 inches deep.

The manufacturer of 100% bamboo bed linens prioritized the quality of your sleep. This temperature-regulating sheet is made with viscose fabric produced entirely from bamboo and suitable for any weather. 

Pure bamboo is soft and light, and it is inherently hypoallergenic. The thermo-regulating characteristics of the material keep the sleeper cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

Although you can feel a cooler version of silk, this bed sheet is not as fragile as silk sheets and thus, is easily machine-washable.

Overall, there is almost no complaint about its high quality. Users feel quite satisfied that these sheets literally live up to their expectations.

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  • Anti-pilling
  • 100% bamboo viscose
  • Pocketed pillowcases
  • Good warranty included


  • N/A

#4 GOKOTTA Bamboo Sheets Queen Size Cooling Sheet – Best For Eco-friendly Design

GOKOTTA Bamboo Sheets Queen Size Cooling Sheet
GOKOTTA Bamboo Sheets Queen Size Cooling Sheet

Gokotta Bamboo Sheet is composed entirely of pure, organic bamboo. However, we must praise the company for its dedication to developing ecologically friendly, sustainably derived items.

The sophisticated production method preserves the natural properties of bamboo fiber, and the breathability much outperforms that of conventional textiles. The high-quality hollow fiber construction keeps you cool in the summer and drains excess moisture away in the winter.

This bed sheet provides a silky smooth sensation without the heat or upkeep that materials like silky or satin require. It has a velvety soft feel and is constructed with a sateen weave to assist in spreading your body heat and minimizing hot patches at night.

The only downside we have to mention is that it will require specific maintenance, such as laundering in cold water and using a soft cycle, which might be challenging at first.

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  • Silky soft
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing processes
  • Made of high-quality material


  • Special care needed

#5 SONORO KATE Bamboo Sheets Bed Sheet Set – Best Luxurious Bamboo Sheets Set

SONORO KATE Bamboo Sheets Bed Sheet Set
SONORO KATE Bamboo Sheets Bed Sheet Set

This Sonoro Kate Sheet is the peak of luxurious bedding in the present century. It has a better grip and fit than any other standard sheet set on the market. It will never slip, no matter how much you move and twist in your bed, providing you with a pleasant bedtime.

This sheet set retains its color brightness no matter how frequently it is washed and is constructed of high-strength Bamboo yarns that will remain smooth, silky, and wrinkle-free for years.

The silky-soft sheet set is ideal for a child’s room, a college dorm, or a first-time apartment.

However, its superior quality compared to other options in this list makes it cost an arm and a leg to have one. So, keep your budget in view when opting to buy one.

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  • Luxurious bed sheets set
  • Ultimate softness for sensitive skin
  • Made of high-quality material


  • Pretty pricey

#6 PURE BAMBOO Sheets Genuine 100% Organic Bamboo – Best For Durability

PURE BAMBOO Sheets Genuine 100% Organic Bamboo
PURE BAMBOO Sheets Genuine 100% Organic Bamboo

Are you looking for a pair of soft and cool summer sheets? These  beautiful four-piece bed sheets are made of 100 percent bamboo viscose and have deep pockets for convenience of use. 

They are also thermoregulating, which means they may help you and your bed keep cool and dry during those hot, humid summer days.

These sheets are not only heat-wicking but also antimicrobial and allergen-resistant. The flat sheets and pillowcases have double-stitched seams to increase their longevity.

They are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified, which means they have been tested for over 100 potentially hazardous substances.

Nevertheless, it still has a small problem with an ambiguous warranty policy. Many consumers are perplexed by this.

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  • Soft and lightweight
  • 100% Organic Bamboo Viscose
  • 16-inch deep pockets
  • Thermoregulating for pleasant bedtime all year round


  • Unspecified warranty length

#7 Linenwalas Organic Bamboo Fitted Sheet – Best For Comfort

Linenwalas Organic Bamboo Fitted Sheet
Linenwalas Organic Bamboo Fitted Sheet

Linenwalas aim to give a pleasant and stress-free night’s sleep with their bamboo sheets, so you wake up feeling rejuvenated.

These silky sheets are typically comforting to sleepers with sensitive skin since bamboo fibers drain excess heat and moisture for comfortable, dry sleep.

The only disadvantage of this sort of bed sheet is that it can wrinkle easily. Thus, please note that you can only wash it at low temperatures.

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  • Silky soft for sensitive skin
  • Breathable and airy
  • 100% organic bamboo sheet
  • Good warranty


  • Wrinkle very quickly 
  • Can only be washed and dried on very low heat

#8 Zerohub 100% Bamboo Bed Sheets Set – Best Overall

Zerohub 100% Bamboo Bed Sheets Set
Zerohub 100% Bamboo Bed Sheets Set

Zerohub bamboo bed sheets are made from 100% organic bamboo cultivated in a chemical-free environment, making them safe and ecologically beneficial for you and your family.

This sheet set is superior to microfiber and bamboo blends, percale, or high thread count sheets in terms of softness and smoothness. They spread like silk, providing a wonderful sensation and giving the impression that you are resting on a cloud.

This rayon resort-grade bedding’s moisture-wicking qualities keep you cozy all year long and are ideal for those of you with sensitive skin.

Again, because the material of this bedsheet is so great and functional, it is critical to take extra care of it.

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  • Safe and good for health
  • Made of superior materials
  • Good for allergies


  • Careful washing needed

#9 Cariloha Bamboo Bed Sheet Set Cooling – Best For Outstanding Beauty

Cariloha Bamboo Bed Sheet Set Cooling - Best For Outstanding Beauty
Cariloha Bamboo Bed Sheet Set Cooling – Best For Outstanding Beauty

When it comes to linens that look as beautiful as they feel and you don’t mind spending a bit more, these Cariloha bamboo sheets are a fantastic choice.

Because of their 18-inch deep pockets, these 100% viscose bamboo sheets are durable and fit over most beds. The sheets are available in eight different colors and six different mattress sizes.

The lightweight bamboo sheets regulate body temperature and drain moisture away from the skin, making them extremely breathable. The bamboo fibers resist smells and allergies naturally, keeping the entire set clean and fresh.

Customers rave about the Cariloha Resort Sheet Set, which is recognized for being pleasant and silky on the skin.

This kind of bed sheet is relatively expensive to other same-level competitors. Moreover, its material is thicker and heavier than other varieties, and it is prone to creases. 

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  • Super soft
  • Thermoregulating
  • Comes with many delicate and beautiful colors
  • Luxurious Sateen Finish


  • Quite expensive 
  • Heavier and thicker 

#10 Mellanni King Size Sheet Set – Best For Moisture

Mellanni King Size Sheet Set
Mellanni King Size Sheet Set

Mellanni Fine Linens envelops you in luxury, elegance, and relaxation. Indulge in silky smooth, 100% brushed microfiber that has been meticulously created in every aspect.

Microfiber sheets are airy and repel moisture.

These opulent bed sheets keep you and your family refreshed, cool during hot evenings, and warm during cold nights, leaving you and your family relaxed and ready for a new day.

Mellanni is a unique firm that takes pleasure in offering the greatest customer services in the market. If you are dissatisfied with your purchases at any time and for any cause, you have the option to return them without question. It is the Mellanni Guarantee (in fact, you are not even required to return the merchandise).

Because the material of this bedsheet is relatively thin, it does not appear to be particularly luxurious. Moreover, the colors may not appear as vibrant in real light as in the sample photo.

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  • Reasonable price
  • Free from harsh chemicals 
  • Diverse color palettes


  • The material is quite thin 
  • Different colors from the sample photo

5 Important Criteria When Choosing To Buy Bamboo Sheets:

1. Material

Material is, no wonder, the most important factor. The reason for saying so is because the material is in direct contact with the skin and other parts of the body. 

Therefore, the bedsheet material needs to be a fine fabric, non-irritating, and safe for sensitive skin. In addition, the softness of the bedsheet also brings a pleasant feeling of comfort when lying on the back.

Bamboo blends are popular in bedding, but 100% bamboo sheets are the ideal options. So, we recommend you to look for bamboo lyocell sheets, which are more eco-friendly and manufactured using non-toxic techniques.

2. Size

You should choose the product size that fits the bed area. Do not choose a bed sheet size that is neither too small nor big for your bed as when the bedsheet is spread out, this size difference will make you feel uncomfortable and look very unsightly. 

3. Brand/Origin

When buying bed sheets, you should also pay attention to the product label. 

The label usually offers all the product material and origin parameters, letting customers know if the product is durable and famous in the market, how the warranty is, and whether the brand is reputable.

From these parameters, we will easily search and choose good quality products that suit our tastes.

4. Qualified For Textile Yarn

The normal rated yarn density would be around 180 – 220 yarns/10cm2. For instance, a thin woven bed sheet will have the advantage of being soft but will be weaker than a bed sheet woven with a larger fabric. 

Thus, if the weave is thin, the yarn density should be thick. Most high-end bedding products have thin weaves to ensure softness but dense weaves to ensure optimal durability. Most bed sheets with a high density of textile fibers usually are pretty more pricey.

The thread count of bamboo sheets is generally between 250 and 350. Though this may appear to be more affordable than other cotton choices, bamboo is inherently soft. A 100% bamboo sheet with a thread count of 250 may feel as soft as a cotton sheet with a thread count of 400.

5. Colors:

A new pair of bed sheets is an excellent way to add a splash of color or style to your bed. Just be aware that patterned or brightly colored sheets can be a little bit easier to handle than white sheets. 

As sweat, menstruation, and light food and drink stains are more difficult to remove. However, white or solid color sheets, in my experience, last longer than patterned ones, especially those with a lot of contrast.


What Makes Bamboo Sheets Cool?

Bamboo sheets for beds have grown in popularity in the last several decades and with great causes. They are environmentally friendly, smoother than linen and cotton, inherently hypoallergenic, and moisture-wicking. Bamboo is a naturally porous material, which helps to keep our sleep cool and comfy.

Do Bamboo Sheets Keep You Cool?

Definitely yes! Bamboo is a naturally breathable fabric. Bamboo bedding, in most circumstances, keeps you cool during the nighttime. On average, bamboo keeps 3 degrees cooler than cotton. 

It’s flexible enough to let your skin warmth dissipate smoothly. In addition, they keep you cool in summertime and warm during the winter.

How To Find A Cooling Bamboo Sheet?

With the great development of today’s technology, along with the widespread appearance of online stores, you can easily search and order cooling bamboo bed sheets on shopping websites online like Amazon or eBay.

How Long Do Bamboo Sheets For Cooling Last?

Bamboo sheets are extremely long-lasting. They are made entirely of bamboo and can last up to 15 years. These sheets resist pilling and ripping because they are made of long, thin bamboo fibers spun in a tight sateen weave. Bamboo is also inherently resistant to water. As a result, it preserves the color while preventing damage from natural body oils and fluids, which degrade sheets with time.

Bamboo fiber sheets never pill or rip from typical wear, although the fabric’s integrity is never compromised, making these sheets much more robust and lasting years longer than cotton rivals. 

The Bottom Line

All the products reviewed above are the best products that have been selected. The ideal bamboo sheets for cooling brand is the one that works for you. If you’re looking for some wonderful bamboo bedding, go no further than Bampure. 

These sheets are manufactured from 100 percent organic bamboo, exclusively cultivated in chemical-free conditions, making them safe and gentle. 

They’re also naturally breathable and have a wrinkle-free and odor-free construction. The best part is that they are available in nine different colors, so everyone has a choice.

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