Best Bamboo Hair Brush Review 2022 (TOP 5 CHOICES)

Hair care sometimes makes you confused because there are too many care products or too many beautiful hair colors on the market. If you’re still getting concerned about whether a plastic or bamboo hair brush is better, well you are not alone.

Our pick is the bamboo hair brush. Bamboo hair brush consistently outperforms its counterpart due to its being more sustainable and healthier for the hair.

Continue to read if you want a deeper insight into the bamboo hair brushes and don’t miss out the full detail!

A Quick Preview

Best Bamboo Hair Brush Recommended by Us



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Scofield is our top pick for the 100% eco-friendly bamboo hair brush solution. The brush features a large paddle and a built-in tail comb. The highlight focuses on convenience, especially for long hair.

Plus, with rounded dust-proof bristles, the item works well on massaging the scalp.

The brush’s dimensions are 3.35 x 9.57 inches, small enough to completely fit any hand size.



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Bowood is another popular name on our list. It’s hard to beat BFWood in terms of budget-friendly brush. At a price of only around $9, you can own a beautiful item for daily usage. Notably, the product works best with curly or thick hairstyles.

The bamboo bristles and handles are ideal for distributing the natural oil created from roots to tips. On the other hand, you might notice the BFWood hair brush might be a bit heavy to carry for a long time.



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If you’re in search of the most functional hair brushes, MRD has got you covered. This excellent choice costs you around $16 and in exchange, you own a cost-effective combo of one standard brush, two hair combs, and one mini brush.

What’s else? The rounded bristles involved can stimulate the blood flow, resulting in quicker hair growth. Another advantage is the ability to detangle hair very well. The comb is also not too sharp so you don’t have to worry about headaches and skin scratches.



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Are you looking for a bamboo hair brush with an impressive outlook and design? The offering from WINSUN would not disappoint you. This hair brush can easily get you at the first look and the next thing you know is that you’ve already fallen for its colorful rainbow-like appearance

Putting it in your bedroom and your friends might be unable to take their eyes off it. More importantly, the WINSUN hair brush also features curly pins and a paddle style, making it absolutely perfect for any hair.



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Last but not least is the item coming from the Booboo. The wooden hair brush is designed to match any hair type, whether it’s fine, thick, thin or curly. Furthermore, it can massage the scalp and reduce static hair simultaneously.

This type is suitable for the morning because the scalp is still weak at this time. In addition, the design of thick comb teeth and large brush makes it very suitable for use after each application of essential oils on the hair thanks to its ability to distribute throughout the hair.

Another major highlight of the item spots on its cute travel set, including a wide-tooth comb, a free drawstring bag, and an elegant drawstring bag.

Risks Of Using A Plastic Hairbrush

Generic and plastic hairbrushes are among the first options due to their cheap price and light feeling. However, this type of hair brush turns out to be a risky choice after long-term use. It is easily found in thin-hair cases.

According to science research, plastic hairbrushes show several negative effects on women’s hair. Some of their downfalls include:

  • Plastic materials used to make the hair brush can damage the outer layer or the cuticle of the hair.
  • With thin hair, you should stay away from the plastic hair brush. The stiff material can make your weak hair break at any time.
  • The plastic hair brush often comes with sharp points. That is the critical culprit making scratches on your scalp.
  • Using the brush might make your hair roots more greasy over time. This creates the ability to distribute oils of the hair.

What Is Bamboo Hair Brush?

Bamboo hair brushes are manual hair brushes with a similar design to any hair brush you could find on the market.  A bamboo hair brush often features bristles with rounded tips, a long handle, and a rubber cushioning to smooth and arrange your hair.

The key factor to distinguish the bamboo from the standard brush is the bamboo material. As one of the top sustainable substances globally, the bamboo hair brush is now quite common in the beauty industry.

Concerning its origin, the bamboo hair brush is considered to be one of the oldest types of brush. For a reason that bamboo was detected quite soon, it was applied in many works and products. Some of them are making household appliances like the items to brush hair.

Until now, there have been more types of hair brushes on the market. However, those made from bamboo still hold a powerful position in the beauty world due to their various functions.

Benefits Of Using A Bamboo Hairbrush

A bamboo hair brush comes with a broad range of benefits. Not only will they make your hair look shinier and healthier, but they are also a well-spent item for protecting the environment.

1. Bamboo brush distributes natural oil

Clumpy and greasy hair is the last thing any woman wants. Living with the condition requires a lot of suffering, and a big budget on hair care products.

There is a more simple and less expensive method. That is to use the bamboo brush.

With the soft tips, the brush is ideal for distributing the oils created by the scalp.

While too much natural oil is not good, a suitable amount of the substance can protect the hair from outside factors such as dust, dirt, or scratches.

2. Prepared with eco-friendly materials

Compared to other kinds of brushes, the bamboo hair brush is relatively eco-friendly. Can you expect more in bamboo and rubber materials, which are both biodegradable and plastic-free?

Coming from a natural plant on earth, the brush can be proud of its sustainable resources. Besides, there are some reasons why manufacturers use bamboo but not other kinds of wood.

First, its re-growth cycle is pretty fast. Also, there is no need to use chemicals to increase its developing time. More importantly, bamboo trees give a 25% higher yield than others. It has a healthy life, even in damaged solid lands or inferior agriculture methods.

Concerning the rubber, it is well-known for its anti-dust mite, hypo-allergenic, and anti-bacterial features. Consequently, when you dispose of the brush, the biodegradable item can quickly be composted to the earth.

3. Anti-static

Have you ever noticed that when using the bamboo brush, your hair seems less static or frizzy?

When it comes to plastic hair brushes, the hairpiece often goes frizzy. That is because the charge of the hair is simulated due to the specific material. The electric charge is even more robust when you glide the brush through your hair many times, leading to the static.

By contrast, bamboo brush hair can not create the situation. It keeps your hair smooth and pleasant.

4. Rapid hair growth

Whether your hair is weak and thin, or strong, bamboo brushes are always highly recommended because they would make your hair stronger and grow more quickly.

Brushing your hair with the item is a way to improve blood circulation in the scalp and boost your hair development.

5. Moderate detangling

Forget all the sharp tips, a bamboo hair brush will treat your hair gently. Unlike plastic brushes, a bamboo hair brush always comes with smooth and soft corners. So when you brush your hair with the items, you have an excellent experience of gentle detangling.

Compared with generic brushes, the one mentioned incredibly reduces hair breakage and snagging.

For the ultimate result, start brushing your hair from the bottom. Starting from the scalp and working your way up before pulling it via your hair.

6. Kneading your scalp

A bamboo hair brush can work well in massaging and stimulating the scalp. With the smooth bamboo bristles and natural rubber cushioning, the item helps the scalp produce more sebum. Over time, your hair would look shinier and softer.

7. Long-lasting

Last but not least is the long lifetime of the hair brush. As mentioned above, there is a limited number of materials that can be more durable yet sustainable. So, using bamboo is to save your budget and the global environment.

Important Features To Consider

Some factors you should think about before choosing any bamboo hair brush include the shape, the handle, and your hair length.

For instance, a bamboo brush can have different shapes. The flat ones are suitable for classic hairstyles. Meanwhile, a paddle brush should be used for straight styles, and an around or circular one is best fit for curls. If you want to straighten your hair, you should choose a large-sized comb that goes all the way to the roots. On the contrary, if you want to use a comb to make curly hair, you should choose a smaller comb.

Choosing a comfortable handle will make your beauty process go through easily. A hair brush with a soft cushioned grip is helpful when you have to hold the brush for a long time, especially when you have to make a complicated hair style.

When it comes to choosing hair brush, you may want to consider the length of your hair

Cleaning a bamboo hair brush

A comb is a tool that everyone uses to brush their hair at least once a day. But cleaning them regularly is of their interest. You may not know, if you continue to use dirty combs, your hair will have problems such as scalp fungus, dandruff and even hair loss.

Cleaning a bamboo hair brush
Cleaning a bamboo hair brush

There are five crucial steps to remember:

  • Getting rid of remaining hair: First, you have to remove the stuck hair on the brush with a sharp and small item. Most people use a comb, a pair of scissors, or a bamboo skewer. To take the hair out of the brush, sweep your tool between the small bristles. Gently pull it up and throw the hair away. Repeat the step until all the stuck hair is removed.
  • Making the disinfecting cleaner: You need 120ml of hot water and five drops of tea tree oil to create the cleaner. Mix them and stir the liquid. The reason for tea tree oil is its convenience. Rinsing the oil off after cleaning the brush is pretty straightforward. Alternatively, a mild soap like the baby shampoo is delicate.
  • Removing the dirt: Thirdly, use an old toothbrush to clean the mentioned item. Dip the tool in the disinfecting cleaner. Next, start to scrub grime off from the bristles. When it is done, move to the base and the top ends. Bear in mind to keep the hair brush above a garbage bag or a sink in the cleaning process.
  • Spraying with water: The fourth step is to rinse the brush with a clean and warm water spray bottle. Make sure to wash off any additional dirt or soap. After that, clean the item with a clean cloth.
  • Let the brush dry: Never forget the dry step in cleaning any stuff. That is to prevent the item from any mold or bacteria. With the bamboo hair brush, you should wait around 30 minutes for it to be dry. Use a clean towel as a base and put the bristles down on it.


1. Does a bamboo hair brush help hair grow?

Of course, the particular type of brush does encourage the hair growing process. Because it can massage the scalp while pulling through your hair, it stimulates blood flow. Consequently, there are thicker hair strands made.

Plus, using the bamboo hair brush is much more comfortable than plastic ones, you might want to use it more.

2. How to dispose of a bamboo hair brush?

Because a bamboo hair brush features two parts: bristles and bamboo, ensure to separate them before throwing them away. To do that, you can use the pliers to pull the bristles out. Moreover, you can choose to snap the section involving the bristles off.

3. Which are better: combs or brushes?

All combs and brushes have their own advantages and drawbacks. For instance, a brush is better at encouraging hair growth. However, according to some research, the comb tends to break off short hair strands. Meanwhile, a brush does that with longer strands.

4. When should you replace a bamboo hair brush?

The answer primarily depends on your needs. A bamboo hair brush has such a long life that you can use it for years to years without any disturbance. Remember that you also should clean it every three to four months for the best result.

Besides, another signal to change a new hair brush is a cracked bed or other unexpected damages.


We wrapped up the full details of the bamboo hair brush you should know. To properly care for your hair, a hair brush is one of the important factors that you need to pay attention to. A comb that is right for your hair can both reduce hair loss and help beautiful hair in a standard style without the need for cumbersome hairstyling tools, without using heat or any other type of hairspray or any chemical. Bamboo hair brushes are handy to make your hair healthier, shinier, and grow faster. They are also an eco-friendly beauty product, and you might never have to be worried about its long lifetime.