Best Bamboo Bath Towels Review 2022 (TOP 10 CHOICES)

Your cotton towels may be smooth and fluffy. However, the softness and silkiness of bamboo bath towels can take you by surprise. If you are not familiar with this eco-friendly option, you’ve come to the right place. Our article will provide you with what you need to know about these wonderful bamboo towels.

Bamboo bath towels are made from bamboo fibers. Modern bamboo apparel is manufactured from either entirely bamboo fibers or a bamboo & cotton yarn combination. Bamboo fibers can also be mixed with other textile fibers like hemp or spandex.

A Quick Preview

Best bamboo bath towels recommended by us

Ariv – Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels

Ariv - Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels
Ariv – Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels. Image credit: Amazon

These towels are made from a blend of bamboo and cotton fibers, 30% and 70% respectively. They are available in various sizes, allowing you to use one as your bath towel & the other as your face towel.

Furthermore, these bamboo towels are low in lint & leave little or no residue on their owner’s skin. The Ariv towels are machine washable & quick to dry.

They are comprised of natural fibers that have been strengthened to last for a long time. They also contain ‘bamboo kun’, an anti-fungal bio-agent present on bamboo fabrics. As a result, the towels resist mold & mildew as well as odor.

They are 30” x 52” in size. Compared to other towels, the Ariv towels are slightly smaller, they still work well as both bath and wash towels. Just keep in mind that the real product’s gray hue is much lighter than in pictures.

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  • Anti-microbial & antibacterial property of bamboo fibers
  • Soft bamboo & cotton blend
  • Little lint


  • Much lighter gray color on actual products

Aibasser – Permium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels

Aibasser - Permium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels
Aibasser – Permium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels. Image credit: Amazon

With this size, you can use them for multi-purposes such as at home, on the go, at the pool, at the gym, camping, or anyplace else.

The Aibasser towels come in various colors including yellow, green, blue & pink. These towels are made from 80% bamboo and 20% cotton. Due to a high percentage of bamboo fibers, they are smooth to the touch.

These bamboo towels have a high level of absorbency and aren’t easy to fray even after several washes.

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  • Soft and smooth
  • Absorbs water well


  • Too thin for bath towels

JML – Luxury Bamboo Towels

JML Luxury Bamboo Towels
JML Luxury Bamboo Towels. Image credit: Amazon

This product is a 2-piece set composed of both bamboo and cotton fibers with a ratio of 90% and 10% respectively. These JML towels are 54” x 27” in size, making them ideal for your bathroom. You will be impressed by their exceptional softness & absorbency which is almost 4 times as much as cotton.

The towels are ideal for people with sensitive skin. The organic items are hypoallergenic & won’t irritate your skin. They also have no odor & maintain their freshness after each wash.

The JML towels come with a laundry bag, which will preserve their bamboo terry from pilling while they are being washed. If you tumble dry them on low heat, it will only take a few minutes for them to dry.

It’s important to notice that these towels should not be bleached, softened, or ironed. They will be wrinkle-free & silky after being washed. Additionally, you can choose one of 5 available colors: gray, beige, pink, green & pink.

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  • Doesn’t fray easily like cotton
  • 4 times as absorbent as cotton
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Takes a long time to air dry

Specail Home – 100% Bamboo Fiber Fade-Resistant Super Soft and High Absorbent

Specail Home
Specail Home. Image credit: Amazon


The Specail Home set includes two bath towels (27” x 55”), two hand towels (29” x 13”), and two washcloths (13” x 13”). They are available in several colors such as dark blue, dark brown, dark green, gray, light pink, pale yellow, petal pink, and smoke blue.

These bamboo towels are smoother, more easily dried & friendlier to your skin. Regarding washing the Specail Home towels, you can either machine wash them or tumble dry them on low settings.

They are safe for you & your family since they are made from natural fabrics & free of dangerous chemicals or synthetic elements. A great benefit of purchasing this 6-piece set is the 30-day money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturer.

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  • Soft and silky
  • Free from chemicals
  • Various colors
  • One-month money-back guarantee


  • Too thin
  • Narrow hand towels

Towels Beyond – Silky Soft Natural Hypoallergenic Bath Towels (White)

Towels Beyond
Towels Beyond. Image credit: Amazon

The Towels Beyond set includes 6 pieces: 2 bath towels (30” x 54”), 2  hand towels (16” x 28”), and 2 washcloths (12” x12”). The towels are made from a blend of bamboo and cotton fibers, 40% and 60% respectively. The included towels in the set are free of dangerous chemicals.

These towels feature a magnificent striped ribbon dobby with a distinctive fade effect that will leave your guests impressed. The towel set is designed in Turkey, to offer your bathroom a unique look.

You can clean these towels with your washing machine. It’s suggested that you wash them in warm water since they turn ultra-soft immediately after washing. Also, you should tumble dry them on low heat.

You can be worry-free when buying this Towels Beyond set because If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return the product for a full refund.

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  • Chemicals-free
  • Elegant design
  • Full refund


  • Seams unraveling after a few washes

Mosobam – Hotel Luxury Bamboo-Cotton, Climate Pledge Friendly

Mosobam. Image credit: Amazon

Another bamboo & cotton blend you should consider is the Mosobam Bath Towels. Their fabric is made up of 50% bamboo fibers & 50% Aegean Turkish cotton. As an after-bath towel, the dense cloth with 700 GSM will make you feel like being warmly hugged.

Moreover, they have a 2-ply twist yarn & a terry dobby border to hinder their seams from unraveling. The Mosobam set includes 4 bath towels, each measuring 30” x 58”. When you buy a bundle of 4, you’ll save up to 45% of the total price if you buy them separately.

The Mosobam bath towels are hypoallergenic & chemical-free, according to lab tests. They are also incredibly soft, thick & fluffy. They also dry fast, making them a bathroom necessity. These towels are also manufactured in an environmentally friendly facility that does not harm wildlife.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality towel set that is environmentally conscious and will endure for years, this Mosobam set should be on your wishlist. Even after numerous washes, these towels can still retain their softness.

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  • 700 GSM
  • Thick & durable
  • 2-ply twist yarn


  • Heavier than a majority of bath towels

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How to choose bamboo bath towels

What Size Towel Do You Prefer?

The towel size is the first criterion that you should consider. If you need a towel for your entire body, choosing a big towel is a wise choice. Typically, a bath towel with the dimensions of 30” x 56” would suffice. On the other hand, tall folks should seek bamboo bath towels that are roughly 33” x 70” in size.

Bamboo square washcloths are also available for purchase. Just keep in mind that the bigger your towel, the heavier it gets.

How Heavy Do You Want Your Towels To Be?

The towel density is measured in grams per square meter or GSM. The thread count of a towel will be higher if its GSM is higher. AS a result, the towel would be heavier. Furthermore, you’ll have to spend a lot of money on a high-GSM towel, because it’s more pricey than the thinner ones.

Bamboo towels typically have a GSM varying from 300 to 900. The lightest GSM is between 300 and 400, which is commonly found in mid-priced hotel towels. They dry fast, making them ideal for gym & kitchen use.

Bamboo towels with a GSM of 400 to 620 are considered medium-weight towels. They have the ideal absorbency & weight ratio. Lastly, the thickest bamboo towels have a GSM of 620 to 900. They are not only expensive but also quite hefty. However, they wrap around your body like a warm hug.

For bath towels, we usually recommend the mid-GSM towels since they have a good blend of thickness & absorbency. However, it depends on your preference and purposes that you can go for the other two kinds of thickness.

What Color Do You Want Your Towels To Be?

This feature is merely a bonus, but you have the option of selecting the towel color & style you want. Similar to other towels, bamboo towels are available in several colors. Gray towels are frequently blended with bamboo charcoal, which enhances their antibacterial property.

Some disadvantages

Similar to other textiles, bamboo towels have some drawbacks. They can sometimes be produced in an unplanned manner, resulting in higher carbon emissions than cotton towels. So, you should purchase a high-quality bamboo towel from a reputable company whose production is responsible.

Bamboo towels are likely to be more pricey than their alternatives. However, considering the exceptional quality of the fabric, it’s a small amount to pay.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

Besides choosing the size, weight, and color of a bamboo towel suitable to your preference, there are some other factors you should also consider before making a purchase.

First, you should always buy towels that are double stitched. The durable stitching prevents the towel seams from unraveling, regardless of the number of times you wash your towel. This ensures that your bamboo towels will last for many years in the bathroom.

Second, you should also check the bamboo towel’s washability. If your bamboo towel can be machine washed, it will spare you the trouble of having to wash your towel by hand. To avoid damaging the towel material & color, always read its label before you put it in the washing machine.

Lastly, always seek the greatest deal when making a purchase. Don’t be easily swayed by the price. Make sure you understand what you’re buying & whether it’s worth your expense. Even though budget picks can often attract you, always inspect the material quality. It’s sometimes worth overpaying a little because it gets you the best value for your money.

Difference between bamboo and cotton bath towels

Bamboo yarn, according to tests, is more absorptive than cotton. This is a surprising result because cotton needs more water than bamboo during the multiplication process. Additionally, bamboo towels also absorb moisture faster than ordinary cotton towels.

Regarding drying, the results depend on the towel thickness. Thick bamboo towels will take a long time to dry since they absorb lots of moisture throughout the washing process, which is inconvenient. When you air-dry these towels, you should use a firm clothesline. It’s worth noting that certain cotton towels are mixed with polyester, making them less effective at absorbing moisture.

You can find a towel that is a blend of bamboo & cotton if you do not want to give up cotton but still want to try bamboo. This kind of towel has outstanding absorbency and unparalleled softness.

Benefits of using bamboo bath towels

Eco-Friendly Naturally

Bamboo emits 35% higher oxygen into the atmosphere than other trees. Moreover, compared to cotton, bamboo plants take less water, daylight & nutrients to grow.

To make fibers for our clothes, most plants’ roots have been damaged & must be replanted after being harvested. However, bamboo material doesn’t have the same problem because the roots aren’t smashed during the cyclical harvest. Bamboo also regrows quickly after being clipped.

Therefore, bamboo bath towels are made from a completely natural source, which is better for our environment than any other option.

Lack of Chemicals

Bamboo has high resistance to climate changes, diseases, and rats, obviating the need for poisonous pesticides that are harmful to our health. Sleeping on insecticide-treated towels can be dangerous, a problem that naturally grown bamboo does not have.

Sustaining Good Body Temperature

When people sleep under their cotton or synthetic bath towels, they usually become either chilly or very hot. The advantage of using bamboo bath towels is that they absorb moisture from your body, allowing you to maintain a reasonable body temperature.

Antibacterial Nature

Bamboo is inherently antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-static. This isn’t an added fabric property. Even after you wash the bamboo fabric 50 times, it has still been shown to eliminate 70% of germs.

Resilient to Spots

Another advantage of having bamboo coverings is that it’s simple to clean these towels. Body oils don’t adhere to the bamboo bath towels. However, if they do, they can be easily removed. Therefore, they are ideal for those who don’t want to wash their towels all the time.

Bamboo Eliminates Allergies

If your skin is sensitive, bamboo towels are a suitable option for you, since they are among the most hypoallergenic textiles.

Sneezing, coughing & irritated faces are common symptoms of nocturnal allergies for many people. Bugs & germs from your bath towels are typically the sources of these symptoms.

Bamboo towels are also the greatest linen category for battling mites because germs dislike growing on this type of material.

Real Relaxation

Probably one of the most significant advantages of utilizing bamboo towels is the real relaxation that they bring about. This effect is created by the next benefit.

Extremely Soft

You will be impressed by the incredible softness of bamboo bath towels. When compared to other clothes, they’re softer & stay silky for a longer time. The softness of bamboo towels makes the fabric softener superabundant.

Easy to Care For

Bamboo towels are simple to care for. It doesn’t wrinkle easily, so you may enjoy its wonderful smoothness for a long time.

Odor Resistant

Thanks to bamboo’s natural anti-bacterial properties, the towels made from this material are odor resistant. This implies that even if you leave your wet bamboo towel in an airtight space such as a gym locker, it will not develop a musty odor.


Bath towels made of bamboo are a great way to liven up your bathroom with their softness and durability. After reading the detailed information about bamboo bath towels and following our purchasing criteria as well as product recommendations, we believe that you can make a conscious purchase, which can also satisfy your needs.

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