Activated Bamboo Charcoal

Today, charcoal is not only considered as a fossil fuel that pollutes the environment, with some special products that bring unexpected benefits. For example, activated charcoal is also known as activated carbon. Activated charcoal, especially activated charcoal made from bamboo, they have some extremely useful applications. Let’s check it out.

What Is Activated Bamboo Charcoal

Activated bamboo charcoal is activated carbon made from bamboo. Bamboo material is burned in an oven at a high temperature of 600 to 1200 degrees Celsius. When it reaches a certain temperature, the oxygen supply is removed, bamboo will smolder in an anaerobic environment for 8 to 12 days. During that process, water and organic compounds are removed leaving the main component carbon, then bamboo charcoal undergoes another activation step to increase the surface area up to 80 percent. The carbon component, the active ingredient that works is called activated bamboo charcoal.

How Does Activated Bamboo Charcoal Work?

The activated bamboo charcoal in particular or activated charcoal, in general, is a form of carbon with high porosity, many cracks, small holes to the molecular size, this special structure makes the surface area of activated charcoal very large. since then it is easy to absorb or react with many different substances, then it will have very good sterilization and detoxification effect. With activated charcoal made from bamboo has many outstanding advantages compared to activated charcoal made of coconut shell or wood so the application is more diverse, bamboo is also a material that is easier to find than coconut shell and more environmentally friendly than wood.

What Difference Between Activated Bamboo Charcoal And Activated Charcoal?

So what is the difference between activated bamboo charcoal and activated charcoal? First of all, activated charcoal is made from many different materials such as bamboo, coconut shell, or wood. We will compare activated bamboo charcoal and activated carbon made from coconut shells or wood.

There are 2 important factors to evaluate the quality of activated charcoal that is surface area and porous surface, the larger the surface area and pore volume, the higher the absorption efficiency of activated charcoal. The activated charcoal has a surface area from 800 to 1800 cm3/g, that of coconut shells is from 800 to 1000 cm3/g and wood is about 500 to 1500 cm3/g, we can see that activated bamboo charcoal has a surface area higher than activated charcoal made from coconut shells and wood, the pore volume of activated bamboo charcoal is also larger, from which we can see that activated bamboo charcoal is more favorable than the other two types and it is also used more purposes.

What Is Activated Bamboo Charcoal Used For?

Activated bamboo charcoal brings people many uses in life.

Firstly, activated bamboo charcoal is used as food. In cuisine, activated bamboo charcoal helps in detoxification and is an ingredient in some dishes and an antidote for food poisoning. In addition, it is also used as a cosmetic color in cuisine.

Secondly, cosmetic use. In cosmetics, activated bamboo charcoal is used for cleansing. With a large surface area, activated bamboo charcoal helps to remove harmful substances, making the skin bright and healthy.

Thirdly, with the same effect, it is also used as a toothpaste, helping to remove plaque, remove bad breath and dental disease, effectively whiten teeth. It can also be used as soap helps to purify the skin, prevent scabs and improve blood circulation.

Moreover, activated bamboo charcoal has a very good deodorizing ability, it is used to deodorize shoes with a small amount it can completely remove unpleasant odors, in addition, we can also use activated bamboo charcoal to deodorize the refrigerator very effectively.

Finally, activated bamboo charcoal is widely used in the tire industry and used to make air filter bags.

Is Activated Bamboo Safe?

Activated charcoal is a product produced from natural materials, without harmful chemicals, so it is considered quite safe for the health of humans and pets if used properly. it will cause some unpleasant symptoms such as causing hangover, nausea. You should not use activated charcoal with the drug because it will absorb the drug, causing loss of effect and affecting the patient’s health.

Why should you use activated bamboo charcoal?

Modern life is associated with smog pollution so we need to find a solution to solve this problem, if using cleaning chemicals, it will not be safe to put them into our bodies, and chemicals also pollute the environment. Activated bamboo charcoal is a delicate and effective solution, has very little impact on the environment, you can easily buy them or you can make them at home, protecting human health and the environment is the trend of the future. Let’s do it together.

Can You Buy Activated Bamboo Charcoal ?

With great uses in life, activated bamboo charcoal is produced and distributed by many businesses to the market, you can easily buy it. activated bamboo charcoal is non-toxic, safe to use, with materials from bamboo a sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Use it instead of using chemicals that are harmful to us and the environment.

We have researched together what is activated bamboo charcoal, its application, how activated bamboo charcoal works, and the difference between activated bamboo charcoal and other activated charcoal. Activated bamboo charcoal has the advantage to become a superior solution in protecting people and the environment.

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