Kent Bioenergy Corporation has conducted many years of research in the field of algae bioenergy. We have developed dozens of proprietary advanced technologies for algae growth, harvest, and lipid extraction and conversion, and also have licensed on an exclusive worldwide basis the key technologies developed over two decades of research by Dr. David Brune at Clemson University in South Carolina, a leading scientist in this field. Some of our patented technological advances are listed below:

Patents and Patent Applications
Aquaculture Wastewater Treatment Systems
Biofilm Wastewater Treatment Carrier Elements
Scalable Compartmented Culture Systems

Exclusive Licenses from Clemson University
Algae-based Water Recycling System
Algae-based Environmental Remediation Technology
Concentration and Separation of Algal Lipids

Provisional Patent Applications
Bioflocculation and Floatation Techniques for Harvest of Microalgae
Genetic Modification of Algae to Enhance Harvestability
Methods for Maintaining Algae Monocultures
Algae-based Pharmaceutical Production Technology
Genetic Modification of Lipid & Carbohydrate Levels in Algae
Induced Lysis System Using Bacterially Encoded Algaecides