Development of Commercial-scale Microalgae Culture Facilities

We are commercializing our patented CEP microalgae production technology following a three step approach:
  • Phase 1. Optimize system operational parameters to maximize biomass yields (160 acre existing facility)
  • Phase 2. Develop pilot-scale facility to demonstrate technical feasibility (excellent 700 acre site purchased)
  • Phase 3. Construct full-scale production facility in southwestern U.S. (2,000 acres)
Many of the objectives of Phase 1 already have been completed using in-house and federal grant funding.

Importance of Co-Products

The development of commercial-scale, cost-effective algae bioenergy facilities will require several years of additional R&D. The ultimate product, biofuels such as biodiesel, will only be cost-effective at large scale, since the actual price per gallon of fuel is still relatively low. While production is ramped-up and economies of scale are achieved, it will be critical to simultaneously produce other products such as nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and feed additives that combined will make the bioenergy venture cost-effective. Kent BioEnergy and our partners at Clemson University are pioneers in this field, with several critical patent applications already filed.