Production and Harvest of Algal Biomass for Manufacture of Biofuels

Kent BioEnergy has developed and conducted extensive research on a new process for growing algae. The Controlled Eutrophication Process (CEP) is an innovative, multi-stage microalgae cultivation system.  CEP systems produce dense populations of single-celled algae in high-rate, constantly circulating algal ponds.  The high rate algal ponds are divided into a series of zones for algal growth, concentration, and harvest, and the zones are linked in a sequential pattern of water flow driven by low-energy, cost-efficient hydraulic paddlewheels.  Physical separation of the algal harvest components from the algal production and algal concentration zones allows separate optimization of the algal biomass production process from the algal removal processes, thus maximizing the performance of each component.

Several aspects of the CEP process were developed jointly by Kent BioEnergy and algae culture pioneer Dr. David Brune of Clemson University.  Kent BioEnergy has acquired an exclusive worldwide license from Clemson for all aspects of this novel process.