Providing state-of-the-art algae-based industrial solutions since 1995.

Kent BioEnergy employs commercially viable microalgae-based technologies for water pollution remediation, CO2 capture, landfill management, and the production of livestock feed additives, fertilizer, and biomass derived energy.


Based on 40 years of technology-driven indoor and outdoor commercial aquaculture experience, Kent BioEnergy has advanced, and proprietary solutions for the critical technical and economic obstacles known to remain in the development of scalable algae-based technologies and products. This includes worldwide exclusive rights to Clemson University's patented technologies for harvesting and converting microalgae biomass to biolipids.

Today, Kent BioEnergy has emerged as an industry leader in the development of advanced concepts for culturing and harvesting microalgae - single-celled aquatic plants. With the combination of our solid applied research foundation and extensive practical experience, the company remains focused on producing competitively priced solutions for a wide range of industrial needs from pollution control to renewable energy.

The company has operations in southern California, including a 160 acre process development/production facility south of Palm Springs and a research laboratory in San Diego.

• Advanced strain selection and genetic engineering
• Scalable outdoor pond production technology
• Reliable and consistent biomass production
• Highly efficient harvesting technology
• Demonstrated microalgae based co-products and services